VloMo08 : day5 - HD01 view from sydney office window

HD01 view from sydney office window

export test

- extracted video .mts file (20.8Mb) from Sony HDR-CX12E camera using VoltaicHD (this made a 300Mb .mov file)

- opened in QT Pro - I changed the res to 800x640 here (so I could see it, for future reference I should change it to 1280x720 here as I think this is why it's not showing the HD logo) original file from camera is 1888x1062

- exported using Vimeo HD FAQ settings - h.264, 30fps, 3kbps (15Mb file!!! finally - great compression & it kept the quality)

- opened in QT Pro and changed resolution to 1280x720
(my camera does 1080i - PAL / Australian std - vimeo seems to want 720p)


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HD01 view from sydney office window from kath on Vimeo

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