VloMo08 - Videoblogging Month November 2008

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November 2008 is Videoblogging Month. this year, videos from participants around the world are posting videos to http://www.mefeedia.com/channels/vlomo08. there is also a Vimeo group @ http://vimeo.com/groups/vlomo

the idea is to post one video each day in November. it doesn't have to be fancy - just as long as it moves.

sometimes it's hard to post every day, but you can always catch up later. it's good to capture what was happening during November each year. I've found it interesting to look at the previous year's videos / blog entries - I was traveling then too but in different countries so it seems many of my videos are along similar themes.

this section of the site has my videos. they can also be found in the VloMo08 category on www.aliak.com.

I was in Sydney, Delhi & Mumbai in November 2008, so the videos are from these places. also I was practicing Isadora, so the first few are made using patches created in isadora.


maybe you can join in next year? there's other projects throughout the year too as part of the yahoogroups videoblogging list


last year's project was called NaVloPoMo - National Vlog Posting Month & the videos were hosted on ning.com.

mefeedia also collated the navlopomo07 videos

my videos from this project are on this site (aliak.com) using the navlopomo07 tag / category