#vlomo10 day1 video : new love on the 470 bus

new love on the 470 bus #vlomo10 day1 video - November is videoblogging month, which means I and other videobloggers / video makers (attempt to) post at least one video per day in November. join in! any theme, any format, any length. just tag it #vlomo10

here's my first videoblogging month video:
I wanted the video images to be very distracting like the technology we use today is. to distract the viewer from the text messages (or the visual cues from other people)

I just realized my computer is running low on disk space so this is a little more jerky than I planned for & I didn't get round to adding audio in this one


text at http://www.aliak.com/content/new-love-morning-470-bus

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