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#vlomo10 day10 video : up up and away

in 2003 I went flying with a friend D and his pilot friend. I took some video and this is one of the clips. we flew over the beaches then into the harbour area so we saw the city and the harbour. I left the audio in this file so you might want to drop it to 0 as it's noisy (it was a small plane). I remember feeling a little sick part of the way through - maybe because I was looking at / concentrating on the camera at the same time and also because I could smell the fuel fumes more than in a passenger plane. it was a great flight though!

so it's a video from the archives for today. I'm pretty sure I've never uploaded this before - it was the first camera I could take videos with (an old kodak if I recall correctly) - I always thought the quality wasn't that good, but now i like the colours - it's almost like a lomo camera video?(!???)

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