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#vlomo10 day12 video : mary mackillop cards

I went to Saint Mary Mackillop place today at lunch - it's near my work office. I didn't get to see all the museum as I had to return to work, but I bought a few postcards, bookmarks and prayer cards. I like the screen printed cards - they remind me of Warhol. I sent some up to my friend's Mum who lives in a nursing home - hopefully she can give some to her friends. I sent some to my Mum too. the museum is very good, I'll have to go back and do the full tour (~45mins). the tour guide was quite interesting - she spoke about some of the historical period and what things were like in Mary's day - they had video exhibits, a film with Ernie Dingo speaking of Mary's work with the Aboriginal people and how they have stories with her in it now. and many artefacts such as the kits the traveling priests used to carry on horseback as they went from town to town in places where there wasn't a local town priest. apparently this is happening these days too - though they travel in cars / 4wd now instead of on horseback :) - the guide said wasn't it interesting that we seem to have reverted to the old days / ways in some ways. I had to leave before the tour was finished so I could return to work. it looked like an interesting historical museum so I'm going to go back and see the full tour another day when I have time (I think it takes ~45 mins). and who sells postcards for 50cents these days! amazing

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