#vlomo10 day5 video : #rappertag


some of the Aus hip hop MCs are taking part in #rappertag - it's like an online cypher / circle, where one rapper takes their turn then tags the next person in. then that person uploads their video & this repeats. it's getting/is (?) quite popular, so for today's #vlomo10, I'm mixing the twitter memes a bit and made a quick video showing you some of the #rappertag clips & details. check it out if you're interested. today's #rappertag #14 by Suffa from Hilltop Hoods got a great reaction, so we're waiting for the next installment now. (anyone else thinking a little along the lines of William Gibson's (@greatdismal) pattern recognition video-on-the-net-footage? not exactly the same, but along similar lines?)

http://www.rappertag.com has the videos or search for #rappertag on twitter

there's even an "Underground #rappertag" on youtube - of MCs not already tagged in on the main http://www.rappertag.com site. sky's the limit!

I'm hoping they start a turntablist tag too as I'd like to see that.


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here's my #rappertag playlist

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