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last weekend I did a Spinning & Weaving class at Sydney Community College with Pat Davidson, and a yarn & fibre dyeing class in the Blue Mountains with Wooldancer. both were great - though I am now behind in answering uni philosophy class questions ;) this week I also came across Travis' actionweaver site via @spindexer. I made one of the card looms using his template on the site. I didn't use the backstrap though and because I'd folded the card - I'd only had photo paper available so it's not the most sturdy of looms - it became weaker. I've ordered one of his portable laser looms, so it should arrive over the next couple of weeks. photos of my first attempt :

@rosiex aka geekgirl mentioned this was very Sadie Plant of me - I asked her what she meant? - the weaving? and she said yes, the "future looms". so tonight I did some searches for Sadie Plant's future looms and came across her article, "The Future Loom: Weaving Women and Cybernetics" in these books - I haven't read the article yet as I haven't found a pdf / downloadable version of it yet! so it looks like it's off to the library for me this weekend : "Body and Society" journal, "Cybersexualities" book, "Cyberspace/Cyberbodies/Cyberpunk: Cultures of Technological Embodiment" book, and "The Information Society Reader" book

I remember at SCANZ 2009 symposium organized by Intercreate in New Zealand, Sally Jane Norman did a presentation on "Raranga Tangata: The Weaving Together of People" which was aligned with the theme of that year's residencies and symposium "Interconnections". she also wrote a paper on
Kupenga, Knots, Haveknots
. Melinda Rackham also did some weaving during the residency

I came across some interviews with Sadie Plant & other pages referring to her :

Interview with Sadie Plant by nattyweb

Sadie Plant article links

geekgirl issue #12 travel via wayback machine on archive.org

The Future Looms archived from geekgirl #12 - via archive.org
"The Future Looms: Weaving Women and Cybernetics" is also available at QUT library
also available on google books

interview with Dr. Sadie Plant by geekgirl / RosieX - from geekgirl #1 - archived on archive.org wayback machine

FEMINIST PERSPECTIVES ON WEB FICTION 2004 : Alicia Felberbaum :: Holes-Linings-Threads & Sadie Plant :: Weaving Women - lots of great links to women & weaving & cyberfeminism articles & information

"Web, Warp and Weft" by Helen Whitehead - also inspired by Sadie Plant's work

Old Boys Network - the first international Cyberfeminist alliance, founded in 1997 in Berlin. OBN is a real and a virtual coalition of Cyberfeminists - many links, publications and researchers

Thinking Through the Cybernetic Body: Popular Cybernetics and Feminism by Susanna Paasonen - rhizomes.04 spring 2002

online resources for Sadie Plant

A Report on Cyberfeminism - Sadie Plant relative to VNS Matrix by Alex Galloway

The most radical gesture - The Situationist International in a postmodern age by Sadie Plant

A World of Difference: To Westerners, the Mobile May Be Just a Toy. but to the Dispossessed-Migrant Workers, the Poor of the Developing World-It Is a Lifeline by Sadie Plant (magazine article)

The Great Toyshop of Europe: Sadie Plant Makes the Case for Birmingham as Judges Consider Its Bid to Become a Capital of Culture by Sadie Plant (magazine article)

a few sadie plant pdf files

Virtual Identities - Cyborgs from M/Cyclopedia (media culture encyclopedia)

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