zines, books & craft projects in focus today

came across some more interesting projects so listing them here until I have a chance to make separate articles for them (in no particular order...)

MCA zine workshop - MCA are hosting a zine making workshop in August. it's over 3 days, and participants will learn the RISO print process. I'm not familiar with RISO printing so I asked on the aus-zines mail list and Keg de Souza was kind enough to send this reply:

hey kath
the riso is a stencil press
the rizzeria is a collectively run print press
and that's who will be running the workshop
there's some examples of what it can do and
more info on the rizzeria here:

Keg's current project is called There Goes The Neighbourhood - I've just orded a copy of the book after looking through the pdf version from their site. it has lots of in depth articles and great artwork - reminds me a lot of the urban projects' books I picked up in Delhi and Jerusalem, so it'll be interesting to read more about the issues so close to home.

from the site's project brief page :
There Goes the Neighborhood is an exhibition, residency, discussion and publishing project for May 2009. The central element of this project will be an exploration of the politics of urban space. It will explore the complex life of cities and how the phenomenon of gentrification is altering the relationship between democracy and demography around the world. While urban change itself is not always a bad thing, gentrification often happens at an accelerated rate, out pricing the lower income and marginalized communities from the neighbourhood and dislocating them from their existing connections to urban space.

Keg's website is http://www.allthumbspress.net - looking through it, she's worked on some great projects. very inspiring! she also has a detailed explanation of zines with plenty of links for distros and historical information about zines. this is from a zine that the MCA commissioned in 2008.

You are here collective - Keg de Souza & Zanny Begg - art & urban studies projects

Zanny Begg's site - one of the You Are Here collective members - an artist & writer & curator

and some craft / knitting links :

http://www.kategilbert.com - patterns
http://www.knitonegiveone.org - knitting for charity project
http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5154600 - Stitch Cleveland etsy store - kitted items & fabric (for quilts)
http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5637293 - Susie Craft etsy store - fabrics (for quilts)
http://www.twistcollective.com - online knitting magazine

patterns to try :
Calorimetry - try with Lincraft Prism yarn

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