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SAD-k001 : birds at herzog st jerusalem

Shannon O'Neill has started uploading a SAD - Sound A Day - different sounds he's made or recorded or found. it's very inspiring, some of the sounds are quite quirky, and ambient, and experimental and different. he explains what the sounds are and how he made them too which I find useful. so I asked if others could join in. I've been posting a Song for the day to share with my friend Ray and anyone else who sees it, and also with the share this course/book crew. I've just noticed how many friends on facebook have been sharing songs - often youtube videos of the songs, so they can be played/embedded in the post - it's great to see! and hear. and doesn't even feel too promotional. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do a Sound a Day - as in an original sound - as I don't really make music, but I do record a lot, so maybe I'll try post a sound a week - usually a found sound or something I've recorded.

here's my SAD-k001 : birds at herzog st jerusalem
it's about 10 minutes long, so best listened to in the background. it's recorded using my Nokia N95 phone. I was sitting out on the little balcony at the back of the studio apartment I was staying in - the one with the green gate - and thinking about Starhawk's "Earth Healer" class I was taking at MLA. I was reading a book called "Homesick" by Eshkol Nevo - I was a bit homesick for Australia at this time, and it wasn't long before I moved back home. and I was looking up at the Jerusalem stones on the building next door - so sturdy and strong they seemed. all the buildings in Jerusalem are made of jerusalem stone (limestone) and it gives the city character and makes it glitter in the light at times. there was one bird sitting on the wires chatting to me, then some others came and joined in. there were long grassy weeds with pretty little white flowers in the small shared backyard, which were later removed - one week they were there and I had a verdant backyard, then I went to Istanbul for a work trip and checked afterwards and the yard was barren. It was such a lovely relaxing day, I wanted to record the sounds to help trigger my memories of it.

backyard at Harav Herzog (St), Jerusalem, Israel 16/05/2008
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some photos

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sft-20091217 : Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force mix)

music for today: Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force mix) on ZEN RMX (ninjatune)

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life.. today

sometimes life turns one way, then stops for a breather, then turns the other way. sometimes things are in focus and other times not. my dryer as a metaphor for my life today..


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sft-20091216 : Harold Budd + Brian Eno "The Plateaux of Mirror"

Song for Today : Harold Budd + Brian Eno "The Plateaux of Mirror" (1980)

today's song for Ray (inspired by shannon o'neill's sound a day posts)

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Call for Submission: Music for Another World Fiction Anthology

Call for submissions. Fantasy and science fiction stories on the theme of music.
Submission deadline 30th April 2010.

£80 per acceptance.
Full submission guidelines at

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sft-20091209 : Quadrophonia, Jeff Mils, Patrick H.A.F. (The Sentinel), Underground Resistance

Sound for Today : for World Techno Day - some tekno : Quadrophonia "Wave of the Future" - and yes, it was..


& a classic Jeff Mills "The Bells"

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Daito Manabe at dorkbot Sydney & Big In Japan

woah Daito Manabe is going to be at dorkbot sydney this friday

video: eye/face movement -> sound @

this is my fav vid of his from a few years back - video turntablism with Ms Pinky & max/msp - was in awe when I saw this

dorkbot sydney event details:

What: “People doing strange things with electricity”.
Where: Black & Blue Gallery, 302/267-271 Cleveland Street Redfern
When: Friday 4th December, 5:30 - 6:30
Cost: FREE!

Dorkbot will be having a special presentation by Japanese electronic artist Daito Manabe in conjunction with the opening of Spooky Action at a Distance, a show curated by Amelia Groom at Black & Blue Gallery. The show hosts a selection of ten experimental video works by Japanese artists including the work of Daito Manabe.

After working as a system engineer and a programmer, Daito Manabe graduated from IAMAS (International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences) in 2004.
Redefining the existent media and technologies from unique angles, he has been active in various fields, such as art, design, and even research and development. He produces sounds, images, and light by analyzing and transforming numerical values gained from various sensors and input devices.

He is internationally active as a Turntablist and a Sound Artist using surround/oscillation/super low frequency technology and pursuing sensual peculiarity, commonality and interaction.

This is an interesting video demonstration of his work using electronic stimulus to face:

For more info

Daito Manabe is in Sydney for Kirin Big In Japan

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my friend john (foaf) converted a warehouse into a performance / event space called Lightspace in Brisbane. it looks so beautiful. he's done so well! I've always wanted to do that. am so jealous! oh the performances he's going to have there. studios upstairs too & coffee. I'd add music & book library. in fact I'd prob just move in upstairs and live there too. might be a bit noisy when the gigs are on though. anyone got a spare couple of mill?

Sarah McLeod - Aussie Going International Status

Sarah McLeod has landed. Finally. It has taken this raven haired, bright eyed girl from Adelaide one solo studio album, one live album, an EP, two dance releases and an international tour de force to get here but there is no doubt that she is here with a sparkle in her eye and a tale to tell. This is an artist who – fresh from the clubs of New York City – is the embodiment of what happens when you mix a little dance, a little pop, a strong serving of driving electro beats, a personal journey of gigantic proportions.

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Share this Course / Share this Book

I started a new Maybe Logic Academy class called Share This Course! by/with Mark Pesce. the outcome of the class is to learn more about sharing and to write a collaborative book called Share this Book. so far it's week1 and the discussions have been great. there's a amazing range of talented people who've joined up so it'll be interesting to see what comes of the project - there's academics, IT/computer people, writers, students, artists.

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sci fi similarities

this afternoon I watched some of the 1939 Buck Rogers series. I saw lots of similarities with the sci fi movies from the 1980s - current day. I love the older methods of making sci fi movies - using the models & filming miniature sets. when I saw Moon I had the feeling that they'd done some of this but I haven't googled to check if this is correct or not. Buck Rogers has the tilted title text like Star Wars does, and the transporter beam like Star Trek, as well as the communications panel and tv screens zooming in on different locations - everywhere under surveillance like today's world. also I loved how the end of each episode had a slide saying the next episode would be seen at your local theatre - I think it'd be cool to have series shown this way again instead of the instantaneous methods we have today where you can download on demand or goto the video/dvd store or watch on TV in your lounge room. also I thought it was interesting that the leaders in 2440 were wearing capes and outfits that would fit in in feudal England or Rome. and the silver bathing caps and headphones that the modern people wore as protection and communication devices. and I loved the kaleidoscope effects behind the closing titles on some of the episodes. I saw so many things that seemingly influenced modern sci fi films. and the large spot lights reminded me of war movies where people escape from concentration camps or jail break films. I filmed my tv, so there's lots of flickering - buy or hire the series & take a look for a clearer view.

#vlomo09 day22 #2
view other people's videos @

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in search of air conditioning

Sydney's had a heatwave over the past few days. today reached 41 degrees in my area. I didn't feel it at home but once I went outside it felt like someone had opened the stove door and put Sydney in front of it. I went in search of air conditioning for lunch - along with the rest of the people in Western suburbs. it was like Christmas shopping parking conditions - long queues, available parking spots were quite rare. even when I left there were long delays. but it was better than walking - I would have melted had I tried this.

#vlomo09 day22


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I admit my crime / broken ladder - mumbai one year on

I admit my crime / broken ladder - mumbai one year on

I was in Mumbai last year when the terrorist attacks were happening. luckily I was not staying at one of the affected hotels. but I'd received at txt around 3am asking if I was ok, so I woke and started watching the tv. at that time the news media were reporting pretty irresponsibly IMHO - showing live footage of locations of the police and telling everyone what the police were doing. the journalists seemed to be in shock which was understandable, but it wasn't until mid the next morning that they started delaying the footage and not handing out details until later. at the time I was trying to use the internet too but twitter was overloaded all the time. I think I got a couple of messages through to facebook and my blog. I was recording some of the tv footage - the English speaking channels at least. the night before I'd recorded the ad for the Champions League cricket competition, which I think was canceled - or at least, the Australian team didn't go? there were many criticisms of the media's coverage of the event on the Indian blogs, and on Sarai list and Kafila blog & elsewhere.

this week will be one year after the attacks. the Times of India website has some articles so tonight I was reliving the night and following day (where I'd flown to Delhi and later caught a flight back to Sydney). I'd been able to get onto a couple of people via mobile the next morning which made me feel better. and I'd had lots of calls from people from work too checking how I was which was comforting. I spent a lot of time in the following months reading the press articles and blogs. I read the confession of the arrested terrorist - he was the only remaining survivor from his group. I almost felt sorry for the situation he had found himself in and I kept wondering, at which point in all of this training did he not stop and think, "hang on, they're talking about killing people", and what sort of life he must have had in order to not find this a problem. it's awful what they did to the people of Mumbai and tourists. but it's also a desparate situation on his/their part too as I'm sure they were not the organizers behind the attack - just the participants, however willing. what a crazy world this is. it made me sad for a while to think about me being there (even if not directly involved) and what happened to the people involved and the whole situation & background of many of the people there that puts them into these situations. I think watching the tv made it worse as they sensationalized everything - really gave it the CNN / USA flashy headline - scare the public treatment.

as I understand it, Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist is awaiting trial in an Indian prison

"Mujhe gunah kabool hai (I admit my crime). We fired on the public at CST" -- Ajmal Kasab confesses via

this all happened during #vlomo08 which is why I had my cameras ready at the time

#vlomo09 day21


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cupcakes & macaroons

mini cupcakes are quite popular in Sydney these days - there's cupcake stores popping up everywhere selling fancy mini cupcakes. I haven't actually tried them before so when I saw the "Cupcakes on Pitt" store after I stopped for lunch I thought I'd try one. I bought a "cookies and cream" cupcake and a macaroon. I can't remember having a macaroon before either though I'm sure I must have at some time. these have become popular too since the first series of Master Chef aired in Australia earlier this year and the contestants had to cook macaroons as one of the challenges. I've saved the macaroon for tomorrow night - it's a strawberry macaroon. the cupcake was yummy though!

music is (part of the intro to) "Elevation" by Infected Mushroom

#vlomo09 #navlopomo09 day18

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shadow out of time

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Ian's video was called time travel. this initially brought to mind the Orbital song with the Star Trek TNG "Time Squared" episode sample for the Mobius & time becoming a loop. the past few weeks have felt like this for me - I've gone back to 2000, 2001, and hopefully 2003 this week if all goes well.

then I also thought about "Moving Time" as I might be moving house soon

but the theme I went with for the final video (though I sneaked the Mobius quote in the title text..) was the H.P. Lovecraft book "Shadow out of time". we read this for an online class I'm taking, and I really enjoyed it

I thought about Plato's ideas of "remembering knowledge" across the aeons (time travel of the mind?)

one of the other class members mentioned the mental projections and mind swaps & the data-body and likened the spaces between dream/reality in the book, to the virtual spaces common these days & how we often have a data-body these days as well as a flesh-body

so I then thought about outsourcing memory using photos, videos, blogs etc and how by uploading these we become a virtual self on the internet. and how sometimes these things can become cluttered and cross-over each other and even annoying after a while (as I think watching this loop for 1:30 is.. but this is on purpose :), and they're not an exact copy of ourselves. and how sometimes these things can overshadow our real selves, or at least other's impressions of our selves. and how, when watching something on loop you sometimes focus on the foreground moving text, and other times 'me' - this seems to match my real world experiences too - shifting between online me & real-world me focuses

I represented the data-body using text words as this is the medium of the book. using Isadora I made a controller that would move the words around the screen - often blotting out the video of me playing in the background. but it's not really me - it's another virtual image -> mirror image of me, rather than the me I imagine in my mind, distorted by the join in the two glass mirrors and my face is covered most of the time by the camera - the recording of the data-body.

the video is playing on loop with my washing machine as the soundtrack.

using footage of 'me' in the video was inspired by Cheryl's videos, as this is unusal for my videos, so I looked forwards & backwards for inspiration - as in the book, Peaslee & the Yithians look forward & backwards in time for knowledge

vlomo09 day15

vlomo09 30/30 project


over to you Cheryl! good luck

this video is day 15's video for Rupert Howe's 30 days - 30 people - 30 videos vlomo09 project - watch other people's videos at
& #vlomo09 / #navlopomo09 videos at


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