Electrofringe is now calling for proposals for the 2009 festival. We are looking for creative expressions from artists, sound artists, performers, media makers, digital filmmakers, researchers, cross-artform practitioners, curators, producers, writers, experimenters, enthusiasts and anyone who doesn't fit these boxes.

Electrofringe is a five-day festival of electronic arts and culture held from the 1st - 5th October 2009 in Newcastle, Australia. Electrofringe is part of a group of festivals collected together under the This Is Not Art umbrella. Electrofringe is committed to fostering creative and innovative use and re-use of technology and electronic artforms, while focusing on artistic development and skills exchange.

Electrofringe seeks proposals in the following program areas: Artist and project presentations, workshops and demonstrations, panels, interventions, live art, performance (Electro-Performance), residencies (Electro-Residencies), mobile works (Electro-Manoeuvre), online artworks (Electro-Online) and single-channel video works (Electro-Projections & Electro-Être) plus special events (something you want to propose).

All presentations, panels, workshops, demonstrations, panels, performance, residency, intervention, live and mobile works submission proposals are due by TUESDAY 31st MARCH 2009.

Only online artworks (Electro-Online) and single-channel video works (Electro-Projections & Electro-Être) submission proposals are due by SUNDAY 31st MAY 2009.

See the Electrofringe website for submission details: www.electrofringe.net

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