ARToolKit - test 01 : hiro

trying out ARToolKit. the software is installed OK and the initial post-installation tests worked. this is the the first example. it shows a plain blue virtual cube on the hiro marker. :

ARToolKit - test 01 : hiro from kath on Vimeo.

it worked for me, but (when I ran the test last night) I had to tilt the camera (built-in isight) down as there was too much light from overhead. the test today, is done during the day with no light on in the room. it doesn't keep the cube there all the time. I think this could also be due to me using a paper printout - I haven't glued the marker to cardboard yet. and also my printer seems to be running low on black ink so the marker's black sections are a little streaky.

but it's good enough for a first test!

(documenting progress & tests as I go)


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