building in Second Life with Dizzi Sternberg & Nightshade Fugu

transcript of a chat with Dizzi Sternberg & Nightshade Fugu on building in Second Life and scripts. they were nice enough to show me around. 17 June 2007

I should have taken some screenshots!


--------------- general chatter -----------------------

[5:07] Janet Rossini: possibly be kind enough to make one for hubby too
[5:08] Dizzi Sternberg: NS just seems able to build anything
[5:08] Janet Rossini: it's really irritating if you want to know the truth :)
[5:09] Janet Rossini: i can't even SEE those tiny things, much less
have any idea how to make them
[5:09] Dizzi Sternberg: yes it "i will make that" then mext time you
see her shes done that and two more dresses and a building
[5:10] Janet Rossini: and a life too. amazing
[5:10] Janet Rossini: hi again night
[5:10] Addery Bracken: hi nightshade. u c my new color?
[5:10] NightShade Fugu: Hi Janet and Dizzi
[5:10] Dizzi Sternberg: i wondered if the dragon head would end up somewhere
[5:10] Dizzi Sternberg: Hi Night
[5:10] NightShade Fugu: yes it was hot this
[5:10] NightShade Fugu: It is the mifgaard serpent
[5:11] NightShade Fugu: Midgaard serpent
[5:11] Dizzi Sternberg: yes the orobourus?
[5:11] NightShade Fugu: yes
[5:11] NightShade Fugu: it symbilize Norse mytology
[5:11] NightShade Fugu: as much as the thors gammer
[5:11] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[5:11] NightShade Fugu: hammer
[5:12] Janet Rossini: hmm, can't put a script in that
[5:12] NightShade Fugu: and was used in so many jewels like this
[5:12] Object: Hello, Avatar!
[5:12] Janet Rossini: ah had to re-edit
[5:12] NightShade Fugu: But Dizzi i think it wil be real nice
[5:12] NightShade Fugu: i have to pendant to the armring
[5:12] NightShade Fugu: this is one
[5:13] Future Buggy (Scripted by Harry): Switching to half power
[5:13] Future Buggy (Scripted by Harry): Switching to max power
[5:13] Future Buggy (Scripted by Harry): Switching to half power
[5:13] Future Buggy (Scripted by Harry): Switching to max power
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[5:14] Future Buggy (Scripted by Harry): Switching to max power
[5:14] Future Buggy (Scripted by Harry): Switching to half power
[5:15] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[5:15] NightShade Fugu: YOu see the Amber theart
[5:15] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[5:15] NightShade Fugu: heart
[5:15] NightShade Fugu: Inside it
[5:15] NightShade Fugu: ebedded in the amber
[5:15] Dizzi Sternberg: yes i said its like a hologram
[5:15] NightShade Fugu: is writen Dizzi and Night
[5:15] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[5:15] NightShade Fugu: in runes
[5:21] You decline 'Instructions' ( ) from Herb.
[5:24] Chokki - First Land
Cannot enter parcel, not member of the group.
[5:47] Chokki - First Land
Cannot enter parcel, not member of the group.
[5:56] Max Kleiber: it appears that i won't be seeing what this is
really supposed to look like.
[5:56] Janet Rossini: michelangelo made sculptures with hammer and
chisel. i have a sculpture on my desk that was created by a laser
melting metal. it's all just material for the artist.
[5:56] NightShade Fugu: I love to learn things because the more i
know the more freeonm i get
[5:56] NightShade Fugu: freedom i get
[5:56] Janet Rossini: you are so right, night. ever so right. rock on.
[5:57] NightShade Fugu: But that was all...giggle
[5:57] NightShade Fugu: smile
[5:57] Janet Rossini: speaking of technology, are you grabbing copies
of that frequently?
[5:57] Janet Rossini: kuula has been working well for surprisingly
long just now ...
[5:59] Mikkei Hirons: hahaha in these days is very hot here
[5:59] Max Kleiber: indeed. however, given that you need a better
graphics card than i and i'm sure a lot of people have... i wonder
just how useful these things can ever really be.
[5:59] Janet Rossini: the tools here ARE odd, in that some are pretty
strong, and some totally missing. i really wanted a pretty sign that
said i'm not paying attention ...
[5:59] Janet Rossini: but my new computer has no decent drawing stuff on it.
[5:59] Mikkei Hirons: How old are you?
[5:59] Janet Rossini: uh oh ... time for my news program. tell max
about neural's volcano
[5:59] Max Kleiber: Janet, if you have a windows machine, you have paint.
[5:59] Evaine Graves: Me? 34
[5:59] Janet Rossini: bye for now all hugs as needed
[6:00] Dizzi Sternberg: bye Janet
[6:00] Max Kleiber: i know a professional artist that uses it exclusively.
[6:00] Janet Rossini: yes max ... and no decent fonts on this machine
yet. bye for now!
[6:00] Mikkei Hirons: do you know well this game???
[6:00] Janet Rossini: hugs to all
[6:00] NightShade Fugu: Bye Janet
[6:00] Mikkei Hirons: or are you a beginner?
[6:00] Max Kleiber: take care,Janet :)
[6:00] Evaine Graves: Not very - I've only been in here about a week
[6:00] Mikkei Hirons: do you like this world?
[6:01] Mikkei Hirons: that's great
[6:02] Mikkei Hirons: I'm a beginner
[6:02] NightShade Fugu: So max sorry but do you see the big head of the dragon
[6:02] Mikkei Hirons: but all of this seems a little weird
[6:02] Mikkei Hirons: yesterday
[6:04] Mikkei Hirons: mm sorry, my english is not perfect, what is lindens???
[6:04] Addery Bracken: wots that? i thought u were having seriious
[6:04] Addery Bracken: lindens are the people who run Second Life
[6:04] Mikkei Hirons: ohh, i don't have anything hahaha
[6:04] Mikkei Hirons: i'm poor
[6:04] NightShade Fugu: And the currency
[6:05] Mikkei Hirons: yes please
[6:05] Addery Bracken: dragon head.
[6:06] Addery Bracken: ow, baluba
[6:07] Addery Bracken: can u hear me?
[6:07] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[6:07] Addery Bracken: a lot of work in that head
[6:08] Addery Bracken: i m going to sleep now. bye
[6:09] Dizzi Sternberg: ok sleep well :)
[6:11] Max Kleiber: mmph.. people leaving the sale tags on stuff..
[6:13] NightShade Fugu: Gigget that was a nice shot
[6:13] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[6:13] NightShade Fugu: from inside the box
[6:15] Guybrush Jansma shouts: it's strawberry time!
[6:17] Avatar Info: Avatar: Laszlo Ewing
[6:17] Avatar Info: Height: 1.9000m
[6:17] Avatar Info: Height: 6'3"
[6:17] Age Detector: Laszlo Ewing is 4 Days Old!
[6:17] NightShade Fugu: Dizzi how is it fitting you
[6:18] Dizzi Sternberg: i need a pose stand
[6:18] NightShade Fugu: i got one
[6:19] Dizzi Sternberg: ok
[6:20] Guybrush Jansma: hey testarossa
[6:20] Dizzi Sternberg: fits ok
[6:20] NightShade Fugu: ok Dizzi
[6:23] Max Kleiber: hm. thee dragon heads didn't look anyhting like
that on my screen..
[6:23] Tonyillfiger Capalini: yo ernest\
[6:23] Ernst Edman: hi
[6:23] Tonyillfiger Capalini: how do u make money in this game
[6:23] Ernst Edman: haha
[6:23] Ernst Edman: i dunno
[6:23] NightShade Fugu: That was nice Dizzi
[6:23] NightShade Fugu: it fits
[6:23] Ernst Edman: buy an island and start something
[6:23] Tonyillfiger Capalini: well i know that shiny watch didnt buy itself
[6:23] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[6:24] Tonyillfiger Capalini: i need money 2 buy an island though?
[6:24] Dizzi Sternberg: you should know my size by now :)
[6:24] Ernst Edman: i used my visa :)
[6:24] NightShade Fugu: yes
[6:24] Tonyillfiger Capalini: where do i get 1
[6:24] Ernst Edman: a visa card?
[6:24] Tonyillfiger Capalini: yah
[6:24] NightShade Fugu: but it sometimes neans a lot wit a single CM
[6:24] NightShade Fugu: centimeter
[6:24] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[6:25] Dizzi Sternberg: there is still plenty of space
[6:25] Tonyillfiger Capalini: r u talkin a real life visa or a vidreo visa
[6:25] NightShade Fugu: yes it can not be smaller
[6:25] Dizzi Sternberg: no
[6:25] NightShade Fugu: the runes inside the amber is real real small
[6:25] Ernst Edman: real visa of cuz
[6:25] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[6:25] Tonyillfiger Capalini: duh duh duh thanx browski ima check u later
[6:25] Ernst Edman: connect ur real visa to ur sl account
[6:26] Dizzi Sternberg: anyway it fits and i will take it off until saturday :)
[6:26] NightShade Fugu: yes me too
[6:26] NightShade Fugu: let me just tsnd at the stand dizzi
[6:27] NightShade gives Dizzi a big kiss.
[6:27] kluberic Ballinger: may i kiss u too
[6:28] NightShade Fugu: kluberic no i am affraid you may not
[6:28] NightShade Fugu: giggle
[6:28] NightShade Fugu: i love you Dizzi
[6:28] Dizzi Sternberg: i love you too
[6:29] Dizzi Sternberg: thank you Night

--------------- chat with the godesses about scripting -----------------------

[6:29] NightShade Fugu: Summer rain is so nice
[6:29] You: is it raining? I thought it was always fine in here
[6:29] NightShade Fugu: it is for us
[6:29] NightShade Fugu: sorry Alia
[6:29] kluberic Ballinger: hi
[6:29] NightShade Fugu: i am a goddess
[6:29] NightShade Fugu: and i can control the weather
[6:29] Numbrella - Keeps the rain off whispers: Type /1 open or /1
close to use me.
[6:29] NightShade Fugu: like Dizzzi can too
[6:29] You: oh ok cool
[6:30] kluberic Ballinger: make sunny
[6:30] NightShade Fugu: i can grow Flowers for you
[6:31] You: for me?
[6:31] NightShade Fugu: first i make rain
[6:31] NightShade Fugu: some clouds
[6:31] NightShade Fugu: and then the rain will let things grow
[6:31] NightShade Fugu: all th mall seeds
[6:31] You: cool
[6:31] NightShade Fugu: in the groud
[6:31] You: can u do this in Aus too - they need more rain there
[6:31] You: :)
[6:32] NightShade Fugu: yes if you invite me i
[6:32] You: oh pretty!
[6:32] NightShade Fugu: i know its beeen real dry
[6:32] Dizzi Sternberg: we have too much rain where i live
[6:32] Dizzi Sternberg: we send you soom
[6:32] You: k thanks
[6:33] NightShade Fugu: it is nice to hide in Alia the flower fields
[6:33] You: haha
[6:33] NightShade Fugu: wit one you love
[6:33] You: are they generative flowers
[6:33] NightShade Fugu: yes
[6:34] NightShade Fugu: it is things called particles
[6:34] You: ahh ok. I haven't tried that
[6:34] You: I read about some fish tanks using it
[6:34] NightShade Fugu: You must write a litte program to make show it
[6:34] You: yeah a script
[6:35] NightShade Fugu: yes it is used for real many things
[6:35] NightShade Fugu: yes a script
[6:35] NightShade Fugu: You know scripting ?
[6:35] You: I haven't tried that either I'm afraid. not in here. I
can script i RL for work
[6:35] NightShade Fugu: then it should be easy for you
[6:36] You: I'm slow though!
[6:36] NightShade Fugu: there is a manual
[6:36] jeff40 Rhode: Hi
[6:36] NightShade Fugu: and many help options
[6:36] Tulip Congrejo: hi
[6:36] kluberic Ballinger: hi
[6:36] You: oh cool, do u know where the manual is? is the weather
generative also?
[6:36] jeff40 Rhode: Difficult to know what to do
[6:36] kluberic Ballinger: i'm beginner
[6:36] You: hi jeff40
[6:36] NightShade Fugu: Alia
[6:36] DarkShroom Noltenius: summon rain
[6:37] NightShade Fugu: the first thing you need
[6:37] NightShade Fugu: if a link to the wiki page
[6:37] jeff40 Rhode: Where are you Alia
[6:37] You: oh the main SL site?
[6:37] kluberic Ballinger: i have it i think
[6:37] You: sydney
[6:37] You: thanks
[6:37] kluberic Ballinger: and why 4 do what
[6:37] jeff40 Rhode: I can't see you
[6:37] NightShade Fugu: yes there is a link under help in the upper menu
[6:37] NightShade Fugu: then you can go to the main script manual
[6:38] NightShade Fugu: directly from here
[6:38] NightShade Fugu: Help > scripting guide
[6:38] jeff40 Rhode: Alia?
[6:38] You: ok thanks I'll take a look
[6:38] NightShade Fugu: the you need one thing more
[6:38] NightShade Fugu: there is a free set of scripts
[6:39] NightShade Fugu: you can get in the freebee area at the vall
[6:39] You: I'm right here jeff40
[6:39] NightShade Fugu: thet containg some basic
[6:39] NightShade Fugu: scripts you can start from
[6:39] jeff40 Rhode: See you
[6:39] You: the vall?
[6:39] NightShade Fugu: and you learn a lot by running troug a few of those
[6:39] You: sorry I don't know many places yet
[6:39] NightShade Fugu: yes here
[6:39] NightShade Fugu: come
[6:39] You: ok
[6:40] You: oh I lost her already
[6:40] Dizzi Sternberg: follow me
[6:40] NightShade Fugu: lol
[6:40] You: thanks
[6:41] NightShade Fugu: Some where here
[6:41] You: sorry about that, I'm not very quick
[6:41] NightShade Fugu: yes in the upper corner
[6:41] You: ok thanks
[6:41] NightShade Fugu: above me head
[6:41] InfoNode Linked Freebie Wall v1.6 (4x7): Please wait just a
moment while I fetch your item (NCI Free Scripts Collection, Box 2
(10-06-06)). This may take a few seconds or longer depending on how
busy Second Life is. You can click on other items while you wait and
you'll get them too.
[6:41] NightShade Fugu: free scripts
[6:41] NightShade Fugu: there are two boxes
[6:41] Misc8 owned by Garn Conover gave you 'NCI Free Scripts
Collection, Box 2 (10-06-06)' ( ).
[6:41] InfoNode Linked Freebie Wall v1.6 (4x7): Please wait just a
moment while I fetch your item (NCI Free Scripts Collection, Box 1
(10-06-06)). This may take a few seconds or longer depending on how
busy Second Life is. You can click on other items while you wait and
you'll get them too.
[6:41] NightShade Fugu: filled with a lot of nice things
[6:42] You: excellent, I'll take a look at them
[6:42] You: thanks for your help!
[6:42] Misc8 owned by Garn Conover gave you 'NCI Free Scripts
Collection, Box 1 (10-06-06)' ( ).
[6:42] NightShade Fugu: It is our pleasure
[6:42] NightShade Fugu: we like people to injoi here in SL
[6:42] NightShade Fugu: like we do
[6:42] You: cool
[6:43] You: thanks again
[6:43] NightShade Fugu: Ok Have fun Alia
[6:43] You: I will cheers
[6:43] NightShade Fugu: and if you have problems with scripts
[6:43] NightShade Fugu: you often find someone who knows here in NCP
[6:43] You: ok great. I've landmarked it
[6:43] NightShade Fugu: and can help
[6:43] Dizzi Sternberg: you can set it as your home if you wish
[6:44] You: actually I have some land which is set as home
[6:44] NightShade Fugu: Most of what i learned i learned from here
[6:44] Dizzi Sternberg: ok thats fine
[6:44] Dizzi Sternberg: some people need a safe place to arrive
[6:44] NightShade Fugu: So you been building too ?
[6:44] You: yeah it's good to find people here.
[6:45] You: not yet
[6:45] You: I've been busy at work
[6:45] NightShade Fugu: Ok
[6:45] NightShade Fugu: there is a lot of textures to get here too
[6:45] You: but I can practice
[6:45] NightShade Fugu: for free
[6:45] You: great
[6:45] NightShade Fugu: i used this place so
[6:45] NightShade Fugu: and still do
[6:46] You: I'll take a look around - so many thing to see
[6:46] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[6:46] Dizzi Sternberg: have fun :)
[6:46] NightShade Fugu: Yes it is amazing
[6:46] NightShade Fugu: have fun
[6:46] You: thanks :)
[6:46] NightShade Fugu: Dizzi are we going to filkvang
[6:47] Dizzi Sternberg: ok
[6:47] You: bye
[6:47] Dizzi Sternberg: bye Alia
[6:47] NightShade Fugu: Bye bey Alia see you soon here again
[6:47] You: thanks again
[6:47] Dizzi Sternberg: your welcome
[6:47] NightShade Fugu: else you can see the place we have
[6:47] NightShade Fugu: if you like
[6:47] You: ok
[6:48] NightShade Fugu gave you Folkvang, Arrowtown (65, 215, 99).
[6:48] NightShade Fugu: THats is the landmark
[6:48] NightShade Fugu: if you jump there we will be there
[6:48] You: ok
[6:48] NightShade Fugu: Come Dizzi
[6:48] Dizzi Sternberg: ok
[6:48] NightShade Fugu: we go
[6:49] Dizzi Sternberg: see you there
[6:49] NightShade Fugu: kk

--------------- chatting with the godesses about building -----------------------

[6:49] NightShade Fugu: hello
[6:49] You: oh a rainbow
[6:49] You: hi
[6:49] You: very nice
[6:49] NightShade Fugu: that is bifrost
[6:50] NightShade Fugu: the rainbow to heaven
[6:50] NightShade Fugu: the castle up there is Frejas
[6:50] You: beautiful
[6:50] NightShade Fugu: H i Dizzi
[6:50] You: did u load the audio samples
[6:50] NightShade Fugu: no we have a radio running
[6:50] NightShade Fugu: one we purchased
[6:50] You: oh ok
[6:51] Dizzi Sternberg: the birds and waterfall are sounds yes
[6:51] You: it's great - I lik ehow u kwpt it natural
[6:51] You: kept
[6:51] Dizzi Sternberg: yes we try to make it look real as possible
[6:52] NightShade Fugu: Folkvang as the place is called
[6:52] NightShade Fugu: is a hone for a norse goddess
[6:52] You: oh ok
[6:52] NightShade Fugu: so we try to keep it neat and nice
[6:52] You: sounds spiritual
[6:52] NightShade Fugu: It is
[6:52] NightShade Fugu: Ve belong to her staff of servants
[6:53] Dizzi Sternberg: we try and provide a peacefull place here in SL
[6:53] NightShade Fugu: Come let look inside
[6:53] You: ok
[6:54] NightShade Fugu: this i frejas hall
[6:54] NightShade Fugu: from where is is represented in SL
[6:54] You: ok
[6:55] NightShade Fugu: So you see Alia
[6:55] NightShade Fugu: a lot of textures on the wall
[6:55] NightShade Fugu: and how thay can be used
[6:55] NightShade Fugu: textures are real poverfull when building
[6:55] You: yeah it's like the doom game from years ago
[6:56] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[6:56] NightShade Fugu: yes
[6:56] NightShade Fugu: the same things rearly
[6:56] NightShade Fugu: but you can form surfaces
[6:56] NightShade Fugu: by making shadown and things
[6:56] Dizzi Sternberg: but with nicer people
[6:56] You: lol yes
[6:56] NightShade Fugu: so flat is not so flat
[6:56] NightShade Fugu: when you build you will run out of primes fast
[6:57] NightShade Fugu: so the textures help you there
[6:57] You: ok thanks for the tip
[6:57] NightShade Fugu: Come
[6:57] You: I'll start with something simple I think
[6:57] NightShade Fugu: yes
[6:57] NightShade Fugu: a simple box house is the best
[6:58] NightShade Fugu: with a roof and a few walls
[6:58] You: how long did it take u to make this place
[6:58] NightShade Fugu: that is hard to say
[6:58] NightShade Fugu: it been developed over 4 month
[6:58] NightShade Fugu: and moved and rebuild
[6:58] You: ok
[6:58] NightShade Fugu: so it like a organism
[6:59] NightShade Fugu: changin all the time
[6:59] You: it's great, you've done well!
[6:59] NightShade Fugu: but i think the first castle i made
[6:59] NightShade Fugu: it took 3 weeks
[6:59] You: ok
[6:59] NightShade Fugu: which is stillthe basis of this place
[7:00] NightShade Fugu: when you start to get the feeling
[7:00] NightShade Fugu: of building it goes real fast
[7:00] You: I hope so
[7:00] NightShade Fugu: YEs...amile
[7:00] You: I get distracted
[7:00] NightShade Fugu: then you just start again
[7:00] NightShade Fugu: where you left
[7:01] NightShade Fugu: come let look upstairs
[7:01] NightShade Fugu: here we have a work room
[7:02] NightShade Fugu: we like to sit and make jewels
[7:02] You: huge
[7:02] You: nice room to work in
[7:02] NightShade Fugu: yes and the pictures
[7:02] NightShade Fugu: is made by Dizzi
[7:02] NightShade Fugu: in RL paintings
[7:02] You: very nice
[7:02] NightShade Fugu: so it is a nice place to be
[7:02] You: tranquil too
[7:03] NightShade Fugu: we have a litte balcony
[7:03] You: great view
[7:03] NightShade Fugu: yes
[7:03] NightShade Fugu: we hav some problems here
[7:04] NightShade Fugu: because other people block the view with signs
[7:04] NightShade Fugu: bye this bye that
[7:04] You: ahh yes there seems to be lots of that in SL
[7:04] You: they build high in the sky too
[7:04] NightShade Fugu: yes
[7:04] NightShade Fugu: that can be needed
[7:04] NightShade Fugu: for privacy
[7:05] NightShade Fugu: many have a skyhouse as you call it
[7:05] You: yeah true
[7:05] You: people seem to leave things on my land
[7:05] You: I have to clean them up all the time
[7:05] NightShade Fugu: no that is not needed
[7:05] NightShade Fugu: you can set the land options
[7:05] NightShade Fugu: so the objects are autereturnd
[7:05] You: oh. so only I can build there
[7:05] NightShade Fugu: auto returned
[7:05] You: cool
[7:06] NightShade Fugu: yes even that
[7:06] You: I'll look for that
[7:06] NightShade Fugu: so only you can place things there
[7:06] NightShade Fugu: under land
[7:06] You: that's a good idea
[7:06] NightShade Fugu: my land you find a lot of nic options
[7:06] You: ok
[7:06] NightShade Fugu: to protect you
[7:06] Dizzi Sternberg: and watch out for the option of raising
lowering the land
[7:06] You: great
[7:07] You: oh I tried flatten land earlier
[7:07] Dizzi Sternberg: because if thats left open someone could
destroy your landscape
[7:07] NightShade Fugu: we ad that here
[7:07] You: oh ok
[7:07] Dizzi Sternberg: we had it here
[7:07] NightShade Fugu: one day all land was destroied
[7:07] NightShade Fugu: because i forgot to luck the option
[7:07] You: oh thanks for telling me
[7:07] NightShade Fugu: i was crying...giggle
[7:07] Dizzi Sternberg: but we remade it better
[7:08] You: is there a way to backup your creations
[7:08] NightShade Fugu: yes all the object youh have
[7:08] Dizzi Sternberg: yes "take copy"
[7:08] You: ok
[7:08] NightShade Fugu: you shoudl keep a copy in your inventory
[7:08] NightShade Fugu: make a folder called my house
[7:08] You: ok good idea
[7:08] Dizzi Sternberg: you can have a whole castle in your pocket
[7:08] You: haha
[7:08] NightShade Fugu: yes it is true
[7:09] NightShade Fugu: giggle
[7:09] You: deep pockets
[7:09] NightShade Fugu: yes a litte SL magic
[7:09] NightShade Fugu: i show you an other thing Alia
[7:09] You: ok
[7:09] NightShade Fugu: an other way to build
[7:09] NightShade Fugu: this you seen is made with few primes
[7:09] NightShade Fugu: and th texture make the shape
[7:10] You: oh right
[7:10] NightShade Fugu: come i show you how objects can make a real nice room
[7:10] You: ok cool
[7:11] NightShade Fugu: Hi
[7:11] NightShade Fugu: here is a huge wood structure
[7:11] NightShade Fugu: holding the building
[7:11] NightShade Fugu: but that a lot og prime object you use to that
[7:11] Sensor Bulb C: Light and Sensor OFF, Bulb channel : 77
[7:11] Sensor Bulb C: Light ON - Bulb channel: 77
[7:11] NightShade Fugu: that the way you wil usually start
[7:12] You: ok
[7:12] NightShade Fugu: because you try t get the real world shown here
[7:12] NightShade Fugu: but it is often a waste
[7:12] NightShade Fugu: og you few primes
[7:12] NightShade Fugu: So the real trick
[7:13] NightShade Fugu: is to try to rationalize
[7:13] NightShade Fugu: a litte
[7:13] You: ok
[7:13] You: just build the outside?
[7:13] NightShade Fugu: yes and then use special tetures to make
things look nice
[7:13] You: and use the textures to make it look liek it's multiple shapes
[7:13] NightShade Fugu: i show you an other eample
[7:14] NightShade Fugu: Here Alia
[7:14] NightShade Fugu: we have to go to the secret parts of the castle
[7:14] NightShade Fugu: so follow me close
[7:14] You: so the decor is the texture
[7:14] NightShade Fugu: yes
[7:15] NightShade Fugu: ok you can walk in
[7:15] NightShade Fugu: else the door close on you
[7:15] NightShade Fugu: here
[7:15] NightShade Fugu: thats is just a single prime
[7:15] You: wow cool
[7:15] NightShade Fugu: youcan look out of the windows
[7:15] You: it looks so complex
[7:15] NightShade Fugu: bit is i just a wall
[7:16] NightShade Fugu: that is called an alfa texture
[7:16] You: like an alpha mask?
[7:16] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[7:16] NightShade Fugu: where you have the picture and the a graytone
determine the transperency of the thing
[7:16] You: to allow other parts of the image through
[7:16] NightShade Fugu: yes
[7:16] NightShade Fugu: exaxtely
[7:16] You: cool
[7:16] NightShade Fugu: that what i like to use
[7:17] NightShade Fugu: because it often make things real ralistic
[7:17] You: great. so i can take some photos for textures
[7:17] NightShade Fugu: yes
[7:17] You: then just apply them
[7:17] NightShade Fugu: and you can find a ton of thextures on the net
[7:17] Dizzi Sternberg: and try and make them tilable
[7:17] NightShade Fugu: and play with those
[7:17] You: great
[7:17] Dizzi Sternberg: so they can be reapeated
[7:18] NightShade Fugu: Most in this castle is free textures
[7:18] You: yeah
[7:18] NightShade Fugu: i modified for my use
[7:18] You: matching them up is probably the tricky part
[7:18] NightShade Fugu: If you have photoshop
[7:18] NightShade Fugu: it is not so bad to do
[7:18] NightShade Fugu: matching things
[7:18] You: I use gimp, but it's similar
[7:18] You: free version
[7:18] NightShade Fugu: yes tht will work too
[7:19] Dizzi Sternberg: i usually offset the picture by 50% bothe ways
[7:19] Dizzi Sternberg: then smooth the edges where they overlap with cloning
[7:19] You: that's good. I wish my neighbours knew this. then they
wouldn't ask to buy my land all the time!to get more prims
[7:19] You: ahh yeah
[7:20] NightShade Fugu: Smile you might make a lot of money on
selling ...giggle
[7:20] You: haha
[7:20] You: this is great. thanks so much for letting me know
[7:20] NightShade Fugu: Alia
[7:20] NightShade Fugu: let go here
[7:21] NightShade Fugu: Here is a big window
[7:21] NightShade Fugu: you can not fall out
[7:21] You: ok
[7:21] NightShade Fugu: but if you look from the outsite
[7:21] NightShade Fugu: if is a bue curtain
[7:22] NightShade Fugu: it an other way to make things transperent only one way
[7:22] You: privacy - one way window
[7:22] NightShade Fugu: then no ne can look in but you can look out
[7:22] You: cool
[7:22] NightShade Fugu: it is simple to do
[7:23] NightShade Fugu: because you cn adjust textures individually
on eah side of an object
[7:23] You: oh yeah I saw the blue when I turned around
[7:23] NightShade Fugu: yes
[7:23] You: ok so just apply to one side
[7:23] NightShade Fugu: So there is a lot of things to play with
[7:23] NightShade Fugu: yes
[7:23] You: yes I can see
[7:24] You: very complex! yet simple to achieve if u know how
[7:24] You: u guys should do a tutorial/video
[7:24] NightShade Fugu: yes thats why one have to start with some
real simple things
[7:24] You: you're great teachers
[7:24] NightShade Fugu: and try to xplore what a simple prime can be used for
[7:24] NightShade Fugu: We like to learn people things...
[7:25] NightShade Fugu: we know how much fun you can have
[7:25] NightShade Fugu: building and
[7:25] You: yeah :)
[7:25] You: I used to use moos years ago but that was all text
[7:25] You: then worlds away but u couldn't keep things like in SL
[7:26] NightShade Fugu: No here you rearly can make nice simulatins
[7:26] Dizzi Sternberg: and Sl will keep evolving too
[7:26] You: yeah definitely
[7:26] You: I read about how different people are using it each day. amazing
[7:27] You: be nice to come to work here instead of the real office
[7:27] NightShade Fugu: Smiile
[7:27] Dizzi Sternberg: thats where i am lucky
[7:27] Dizzi Sternberg: this is my office computer
[7:27] You: cool
[7:27] Dizzi Sternberg: I work from home
[7:27] Dizzi Sternberg: as a web designer
[7:28] You: oh that's lucky
[7:28] Dizzi Sternberg: it suffers from one real bad thing
[7:28] You: I can work form home sometimes but I have to remote login
to a customer's site usually
[7:28] Dizzi Sternberg: no one to chat with
[7:28] You: ahh yeah
[7:28] Dizzi Sternberg: so SL is a nice window
[7:29] You: well if u have this running u can stop to chat for a coffee break
[7:29] NightShade Fugu: lol
[7:29] Dizzi Sternberg: yes
[7:29] You: I'd prob never get any work done though!
[7:29] NightShade Fugu: uyour boss wil not like that
[7:29] Dizzi Sternberg: occasionally a work break
[7:29] You: pretend it's a cigarette break like the people who go
outside to smoke
[7:30] You: I should probably go soon, getting late here and I have
to work tomorrow, speaking of work
[7:30] Dizzi Sternberg: ok Alia
[7:30] Dizzi Sternberg: nice to have met you
[7:30] You: thanks again for showing me your home
[7:31] You: yes you too
[7:31] You: I'll try practice
[7:31] You: bye :)
[7:31] Dizzi Sternberg: Bye Bye
[7:31] NightShade Fugu: Bye bYe
[7:32] NightShade Fugu: And good luck ith the building
[7:32] You: thanks :)


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