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building in Second Life with Dizzi Sternberg & Nightshade Fugu

transcript of a chat with Dizzi Sternberg & Nightshade Fugu on building in Second Life and scripts. they were nice enough to show me around. 17 June 2007

I should have taken some screenshots!

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vloggercon 2006 from second life

I didn't make it to vloggercon06, but caught a couple of the saturday sessions online. second life was pretty quiet - they must have got the video working inworld after I left.

I saw some via the vloggercon website though and was on the chat channel for a bit.

there's links to video recordings of the sessions here

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second life

I'm getting into Second Life. I tried to use it a couple of years ago when I first heard of it but my old laptop graphics card wasn't up to spec so I couldn't actually logon :( since getting the macbook I no longer have this problem! so my second life name is Alia Kiama, I haven't bought any land yet but I'm going to try make some objects.. once I work out all the new terminology. it's similar to the old compuserve worlds away and active worlds avatar based systems but seem to be more popular. the main difference is that when you build something you are allowed to keep your IP. people are making their living in RL (real life) creating objects in the world. you can buy and sell Linden $ (the inworld currency) on websites, and for US$.

(I'll post SL articles using my second life name, Alia Kiama)

some links whilst researching second life stuff :
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