Charles Darwin discovers social networking - ABCPool gene project


Charles Darwin discovers social networking! Salute the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth, and the 150th anniversary of The Origin of Species, by sharing your adventurous vision of evolution and mutation in Gene Pool (

Gene Pool takes evolution way beyond survival of the fittest, sex and the 'selfish gene', or scientists in lab coats. Cultures and ideas mutate too. Contribute a poem, story, photo or tribute, or perhaps a home movie or mini-documentary, a piece of music or field recording. Use other people's contributions to create your own recombinations, mash-ups, mutations, mixes and musings - or slice, dice and remix gems from the ABC archives - Gene Pool is full of possibilities.

In an ABC first, Gene Pool releases content from the ABC's archives under a Creative Commons licence so it's free for you to download and rework however you wish.

All work submitted to the Gene Pool by 2 October 2009 will be considered by ABC Radio National's All in the Mind and The Night Air program makers for special Gene Pool broadcasts. Audiovisual entries will go in the running to be publicly exhibited in Melbourne in November 2009, as part of ANAT's Super Human: Revolution of the Species suite of events.

Gene Pool's home is Pool (, the ABC's acclaimed creative media space where you can upload, view and share other Pool contributors' work to inspire your own. Evolution and mutation is what Pool is all about - so join in and be part of the creative (r)evolution!

A joint initiative of Pool, ABC Radio National, Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), RMIT and Evolution: The Festival.

For further information, please contact Nicola Fern, ABC Radio National on 03 9626 1758 or

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