Custa's acid tech records stolen - pls help if u hear of any for sale

Custa's house was broken into and his record collection of acid tech records & other things including Mac computers with around 17000 photos (memories) were stolen from the Gold Coast. if anyone hears of them for sale pls post/contact him. or would anyone know any 2nd hand places that might be worth checking on the Gold Coast / Brisbane in case they show up?

Some labels are Acid test, bionic orange, Manx rippers, stay up forever, stay up forever remix, wah wah, skankadelic, BAWOP, headcase

he doesn't have a computer atm (stolen too) - but if you hear of any of these for sale, pls let him know via his facebook profile or let me know & I can pass onto him

pls pass on if you can
thanks for your help!


I've started a google spreadsheet listing record stores / pawn stores on the gold coast in case they turn up at one of these. pls add to this if you know of some more to try!

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