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hipstamatic camperdown

hipstamatic camperdown - walk home after guitar lesson today. another warmish winter's day which is great as I don't need my jacket any more. there's a new development going up nearby. they're pulling down some of the heritage listed council flats and putting up a new building for housing commission tenants. it's called the 'camperdown project' which is ironic as my friend who came to stay earlier in the year called the o'dea building "the projects" - he was referring to those in USA though. the remainder of the heritage buildings are staying. they're not pulling down the o'dea building, though some think they should. the hipstamatic filter makes it look nice - maybe they should have used this on the development proposal flyers. the old biscuit factory has been converted into (really nice, though rather expensive) apartments. had lunch at the wonderful Love#3 again - they had my favourite - eggs benedict - as the breakfast special. then later today I took another walk to the hidden garden - such great fresh fragrances as you walk along the paths, and the birds were very vocal again today


[ still getting used to the framing on the iphone camera... ]

late this afternoon I went to Visy in Smithfield to drop off some cardboard boxes that wouldn't fit in the recycling bin at home. I think it's pretty cool that visy is recycling 24/7. imagine that - whilst I sleep they help the environment. a few ppl were dropping off there at the same time as me. I made it just before the sun went down too which was lucky

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