Indigenous Hip Hop - documentation project / radio

Frank T.G aka Honesty is working on a project to document Indigenous Hip Hop in Australia and to feature them on a Koori radio program based in Marrickville. below is an email sent via the octapod list if anyone can assist:


At the moment I am starting to do some pre-record interviews for an
indigenous Hip Hop show here at koori radio. I want to talk to every
Indigenous head that is involved in the scene in any facet.

Basically the idea is to really document the Indigenous Hip Hop what's going

on at moment as well build a picture of the history of Indigenous hip hop in

Australia. I also want to delve into get a deeper insight into Indigenous
identity relating to hip hop in Australia.

I think it could be a really important resource for future indigenous heads
as well as an excellent crew building exercise for the current Aust
Indigenous hip hop family.

I am currently endeavouring to find contacts for all the heads that I am
aware of; it would be excellent if people could contact me as I am surely
not aware of everything that is out there. My contacts are mobile: 0433 295
816 Email: It would be dope if you could forward
this onto your networks and any Indig Hip Hop heads that may be interested
in this project.

Currently I am trying to do all the interviews in the studio at Koori Radio
in Marrickville but if that isn't convenient we can organise to do
interviews via phone.


Frank T.G aka Honesty

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