Invitation to Craftspider Social Network for Australian and New Zealand Crafters

Hi there, I'd like to invite you to our exciting new social network at
Craft Spider (!!

We plan on building this network up rapidly to be a fantastic and fun
place to meet other crafters and to communicate with new and existing

Not only can you now build a detailed profile for your organisation, but
also join and start user groups on any topic you wish! We also have
forums, and the ability to upload and share as many photos as you want
about your work, or perhaps just items that inspire you!

We also have free classifieds so you can buy and sell treasures! You
also get a blog.. plus we have a global calendar where you can promote
events to everyone such as classes, your next sale or trade fair!

You can choose to make your groups public or private (by invitation
only), so its a great fun way to communicate with customers too. Also as
people sign up you can make new friends and invite them to your groups.

We have just launched and created a few groups such as scrapbooking,
mosaics, quilting and so on and we are looking for people interested in
being a moderator for them. We expect in time the user base to group
rapidly (this is a facebook for craft!) so by getting in early perhaps
you can cement yourself a good position as it grows!

It's really easy to use and if you don't have a website, its a very
simple and easy way to put one together. All you need is some creative
writing and lovely pictures! If you have a website, you can also easily
link to it's features (your profile page, groups, classifieds, photos
etc.) which will make your site interactive!!

Join up and send me a message with what you think! (or suggest)

The links again is

The Craft Spider!

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