New Order at Future Music Festival 2012

I just heard tonight via Michael Watt's facebook feed that New Order are playing in Australia in March 2012. After the news earlier today that The Orb and Bomb The Bass were coming to Sydney, I almost couldn't believe it. such memories from all of these bands. Watt asked everyone on his feed, which is your favourite (apart from Blue Monday of course) - well it's hard to choose just one! I've posted a few below - but add every song on Substance album also, which had quite a workout in my house in the late 80s, let alone the earlier Joy Division albums and songs. there's songs to dance to, and songs to sing along to, all great. in my late night musings I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if they did a side show at a dodgy pub like in Melbourne 1982. that would be incredible!

at this rate (tonight's music announcement discoveries) I think we're going to get to relive the 80s & 90s all over again. bring it on!

New Order - Dreams Never End (Melbourne 1982)

New Order Procession "hello hello hello... life keeps getting stranger every day.."

New Order - In A Lonely Place (Original Version) "I wish you were here with me now"

New Order - Lonesome Tonight

New Order: Thieves Like Us @ Musik Convoy 1984

New Order - 1963