Squat Space - Sydney

Squat Space was born from the energy of artists and activists of the Broadway Squats.

The organisers cleared out an old locksmith shop and launched a dynamic art and event space in December 2000. The gallery played host to political film screenings, free dinners, durational performances, experimental sound nights, site-specific installations...

SquatSpace opposed the standard "pay-as-you-show" system used by many high-rent artist-run-galleries in Sydney. Exhibiting was free, with artists usually becoming involved in the life of the squatting community in some way.

The gallery was pivotal in raising awareness for the ongoing campaign to save the Broadway Squats from eviction. Highlights of its six-month existance at Broadway included Hilik Mirankar's Space in the City installation, Arlene TextaQueen's major TextaNudes gallery show, Media Jam co-ordinated by 7U?, Spontaneous Combustion hosted by Elf Tranzporter, Anne Walton and Teri Hoskin's Daily Bred residency, and the SquatFest film night.

The Broadway Squats were granted their caretaker lease, and subsequently evicted, in July 2001. Since that time SquatSpacers have gone underground, unleashing site-specific events, art-activism, and culture jamming. Highlights include the Champagne Soccer-Shocker (Oct 2001), ArtBarter (Dec 2001), SquatSpace Authorised Poster/Stencil Wall in the city (current), unReal Estate at This is Not Art (Newcastle Oct 2002), SquatSpace Corporate Expo Booth (Performance Space Aug 2002 and Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Nov 2002), and SquatFest Film nights (at the Midnight Star Feb 2002, at the Sydney park Brick Kilns 2003, and the empty Sydney Dental Hospital Feb 2004).

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