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Waterloo apartments & the singing bells of St Andrews

I went to check out the apartments in Waterloo today. not sure if I can afford one though. they're very close to Crown St (behind Bourke St) so there's lots of cafes and restaurants nearby. it was a 15-20min walk from Green Square station though - I think the buses are closer. I'd caught the train into the city but the Airport line was closed and CityRail had buses replacing the trains. but the bus didn't stop at Green Square so I ended up at Mascot and had to come back. there was a Mazda dealership across the road so I dropped in to see the Mazda2 as I think I'm going to have to buy a car and they're very cute. not even one person tried to help me. :( so I left and walked up to Danks St - using the Maps on my phone to find the directions. there's a new French cafe on the corner. I ate at the Whole Foods cafe, looking out at the street from the benches next to the open sliding windows. such a lovely day. some people were talking at the table in front of me and they'd mentioned to a friend who dropped by and stopped to talk to them, that the French cafe was new and booked up & it was hard to find a table.


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then I went into the city to catch the train home and St Andrews Church was singing it's song to the people of Sydney.

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I popped into Morris & Sons prior to catching the train and bought some more yarn and a cute Panda toys pattern book - these look fairly simple and quick to make and the samples in the store were quite cute. each toy can be made from 1 skein of 8mm yarn. they didn't have the Panda yarns at the store, so I bought some Cleckheaton "Country" and Elie Riva "Natal" 8mms instead as it's quite nice to knit up. Panda is an Australian yarn company too - I hadn't heard of them before, but I noticed there were a few pattern booklets in the store. I think I'll sew the eyes though instead of using sew on ones, so the babies don't accidently swallow them. I might try make one for Kim's new baby, and if I manage them, maybe some for Tab's and Bec's kids. they're only little hand-sized toys. the lady in the store said to knit with two strands - one from the end & one from the centre of the skein to make them larger like the samples in the store. we'll see how I manage.. also I bought some Debbie Bliss "cashmerino aran" to make a small baby blanket - it's the "throw" from the Debbie Bliss "the baby knits book" - I cheated and wrote out the pattern in my notebook whilst in the store as I didn't want the rest of the patterns in the book and the book was quite expensive.

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