Engage Media - Sydney screening

I went along to the Engage Media - Sydney screening in May 2009 and saw four Indonesian community-based films. It was amazing to hear of some of the collectives and community work going on there. Engage Media work tirelessly in documenting projects across Asia Pacific and have a large video library of films. Regular screenings are held to share the films with people in other communities. I asked Andy from Engage Media what the organisation was all about :

video @ http://aliak.blip.tv/file/2127156

"Bonseng" - a video diary of some boys in a detention centre and showed the sign language using their hands that they use to communicate between the rooms in the compound.
"Bilal" was a short clip of a Muslim member of the punk scene signing Adzan as part of his worshipping.
"Taring Babi" showed the punk community known as Marjinal, AFRA (Anti Fasis, Anti Rasis), and Tempe Quality and their band, music label, screenprinting & poster art business as well as their work with children & members of the community.
"Andang And Sarjo" was an interview with a local small-businessman / hairdresser whilst he cut the interviewers hair short
"Jogja Berhati Mural" told the story of some of the street art and murals painted in the local communities to brighten the streetscapes, as well as other community projects such as cleaner disposal of community rubbish


photos @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/aliak_com/tags/engagemedia

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