Experimental Music: Audio Explorations in Australia (book)

Experimental Music: Audio Explorations in Australia is written by artists, producers and participants in alternative music-making, and including a companion CD, Experimental Music explores the development of forms, ideas and scenes in Australia from the 1970s to the present. It brings together a wide range of musical experimentation, from post-punk, noise, appropriation, electronic dance and listening music, to free improv, computer process music, experimental radio, instrument building and audiovisual fusions -- practices that have formed an integral part of Australian creative culture. Experimental Music illustrates how these forms have influenced each other to create a fertile and diverse culture, and highlights why it is vital to question, experiment and break the rules.

CONTRIBUTORS: Julian Knowles ::: Ian Andrews with John Blades ::: Cat Hope ::: Shannon O'Neill ::: Bo Daley ::: Alistair Riddell ::: Jim Denley ::: Virginia Madsen ::: Sean Bridgeman ::: Gail Priest with Sebastian Chan

edited by Gail Priest

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To accompany the book, there is also a website with additional information about experimental music and sound in Australia including a resource list of events, organisations, and publications, an artist directory and a calendar.


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