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i <3 kings X project - art knitting

I'm starting to knit for the I heart Kings Cross art project : - the knitted pieces are going to be tied to poles and trees as part of an art project in Kings Cross (Sydney) in october. I'm not really following a pattern of stitches - they said make it ~30cm wide and anything up to 3metres, the longer the better. so I'm just changing stitches and needles and colours as my mood decides. seeing how a mix of smaller (12mm) and larger (25mm) stitches go together. using 3 strands of yarn (8ply acrylic) to thicken it up. so far I like the textures. reminds me of Australian chocolates - cherry ripe, mint slice or maybe peppermint crisp. (I think I have chocolate on the brain tonight ;)


i on

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I bought some 15mm bamboo needles at lunch today. and saw some thicker yarn at lincraft. bright colours and the threads are different widths - like the silk yarn. but this is 50% wool & 50% acrylic. it's nice to knit up. maybe I should have bought a few balls of each colour though as the stripes will be narrowish.

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29/08/2009 saturday

was a great group of knitters in the park in Kings Cross today. all knitting for the I heart Kings Cross project. learnt some new stitches and spoke to lots of cool people. we'll be there every sat in september. was great that some people just walked by and sat down and joined in - including a woman on holidays from Taiwan who has a knitting group there. she was a fast knitter too! it was pretty windy towards the end - I think I'm wearing half of Kings Cross now as the wind stirred up the dirt



finished (!) rainbow tree cosy for I heart Kings Cross project on

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it's finished! I was going to make it longer but I feel like doing something else and ~ 1.2 metres should be long enough

knitted tree cosy for the I heart Kings Cross project
I'm glad I finished it. still have time to do some of the finer ones like those at

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