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one day at TINA 2010

This Is Not Art 2010 festival - I only made it to a couple of events / sessions on the sunday this year, but once again it was a great day. learnt a lot at the AbleYOUton workshop and the teacher (Toby Burvill??) from 104 collective was so nice. he even introduced me to a new music genre - wonky (type of hip hop?). loved the Splinter Orchestra! a nice quiet, introspective performance inside in the China Club venue and then crazy uninhibited fun outside the gates in the Hunter mall once the venues closed. even heard one guy next to me talking to his friends on the phone saying, "hey you've got to come here right now, I'm watching the most amazing thing!". zine fair was great once again and I spent way too much there (luckily I'd saved up a bit for it this year).

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