One Stop Shopping

Tom Ellard from Severed Heads has re-released an electronic version of the three cassettes called "One Stop Shopping" which were originally included with SLUG Magazine in 1981. The download includes the 61 songs from "Terse Tapes" - Ellard's cassette tape label - plus pdf scans of SLUG magazine, the cassette cover art label, and an article about the release in Rolling Stone magazine dated July 9th, 1981. SLUG magazine has articles and quotes about and from members of the legendary "Clifton Hill Community Music Centre", including David Chesworth from Essenden Airport (see also the recent interview with Chesworth by Bevan Jee)

The Rolling Stone article mentions "Fast Forward" cassette magazine and writes, "What with the ever-increasing popularity of "walky" cassette players ... there would certainly seem to be some sort of cassette revolution and within this development, Australia is something of an innovator." -- Rolling Stone, July 9th 1981 (pdf scan in the zip file)

Julian Knowles described the release on facebook as, "Without a doubt, one of the more significant compilations of this period of Australian music - wait.. the most significant."


Ellard's description from :

A compilation of Australian Underground music made in 1981. It was originally sold as three cassettes wrapped in a copy of SLUG Magazine for $6.50.

As everything was recorded, dubbed and duplicated on cassettes, some noise is inevitable. These files derived from the original masters.

No license is given or implied. This compilation is not for sale, or resale. It is not available for re-issue, repackage or any other money gouging scheme somebody may devise. You may only download it for your own listening.

The only exception is if you are the original maker of the music, in which case - here you go - a decent copy of your music to do with what you will.

If you wish to reproduce any of this material you must contact the artist, and no I have no idea how. So don't be asking me. Seriously I CANNOT HELP YOU RAISE THE DEAD.

released 05 January 1981
Music compiled by Tom Ellard for Terse Tapes.
SLUG Magazine by John Laidler.

Essential curators:
Alan Bamford collected all the Melbourne Little Bands
David Chesworth collected all the CHCMC live recordings
M Squared Records
2 Tapes
and all the wonderful people mentioned in the magazine!

tags: ambient cut up electronic experimental pop post-punk Sydney

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