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11:18 AM May 15th from web : Invader's tile graf - using QR codes / binary code street art @ http://bit.ly/CIZ1T (via nettime-l)

9:41 PM May 15th from web : nice. just found out my phone already has a built in QR barcode scanner & it read one I'd made & saved ok

9:42 PM May 15th from web : now, are there any secret coded messages out there

10:00 PM May 15th from web : oh right, so I could scan a mobile code on a poster/flyer and it'll take me to the url. maybe I could make a video/flipbook-book of codes

10:01 PM May 15th from web : codezine decoded via phone

(you can almost see the lightbulb light up here..)
10:01 PM May 15th from web : maybe ARGs are using these? they're popular in Japan


used Nokia's mobile codes page to make a QR code

QR code wikipedia page

link to a movie file :

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