Digital Culture Fund v2.0 - call for applications

Digital Culture Fund call announced

The Australia Council's Digital Culture initiative supports artistic projects exploring new concepts of liveness, connectivity and participation made possible with digital media.

Artists in the digital era are expanding possibilities for our engagement with the arts and culture through emerging technologies. In digital spaces artists transform live experience and participation for audiences and users. Through new ways of collaborating across technology, artists are building and sharing creative knowledge and culture across broader networks.

We encourage proposals for innovative digital culture projects with:

* artists and audiences co-creating new forms of live experience
* experimentation across platforms and to engage diverse communities with creative practice

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Dancecult "The Love Parade" edition - call for submissions

This is a general call for contributions to Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture. Entering a new era with a new and expanded editorial and production team, Dancecult is extending its deadline on submissions for its next edition.

New deadline - December 20, 2010.

As the issue is hosting a special section on The Love Parade, submissions on this theme will be welcome, in both From the Floor and Feature article categories.

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Help Keep New Matilda Alive

New Matilda is an online publication covering politics, social justice, environment and offering critical thought in the Australian media landscape. They closed their doors earlier in the year due to lack of financial support, but have recently started up again. This time they're hoping for some support by readers - crowdfunding to help them keep publishing. Visit the New Matilda call for support page or go straight to the fundbreak page & make a donation if you can, to show your support. Let's help keep independent publications on-air & keep the conversations going.

You even get a site badge like the one below to put on your own site (if you want to)

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Videoctober is a collection of experimental audiovisual art. The aim of the program is to give an accurate sample of contemporary videoculture while stressing the all-time significance and power of imagination.

With video's from

1. Sinan Bkbas
2. Theo Tagholm
3. Candas Sisman
4. Reza Dolatabadi
5. Dylan Blythin

Watch this program from 1 to 31 October on:

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The Headman & Sarawak Gone micro documentaries

The Headman (EN) - directed & produced by Andrew Garton
On the 23 October 2007 Kelesau Naan, the Headman of the Penan village, Long Kerong, left his wife at a rest area in the forest to check on his traps. He never returned. Two months later his remains were found scattered across the Segita River, deep in the Ulu Baram, Sarawak.

Presented by his son, Nick Kelesau, The Headman explores the events leading up to his disappearance. Kelesau Naan sought only to protect his people and their native customary right to the land they have lived in for centuries. His struggles may well had been his peril, but as Nick and his fellow Penan explain, his legacy endures.

Help engage media spread this story and raise awareness of the issues facing Sarawak - download the videos from and add to your blog / website, or host a screening night of the films

Visit for more details

you can watch all the Sarawak Gone documentaries at

Sarawak Gone is an open licensed micro-docs series raising awareness to the persistent decline of indigenous life and culture in Sarawak, Malaysia. The series is produced and directed by the Australian media artist and musician, Andrew Garton,, in collaboration with Sarawak Access (SACCESS).

For more information about the series head out to or read about the issues on Rengah Sarawak,

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Trance Planet - video

Trance Planet is a short (about 40 minutes) no-budget sci-fi comedy feature originally shot in 1995 at the height of the underground psychedelic techno party scene in the sub tropical rainforest surrounding Byron Bay in Northern NSW, Australia . . . " the video has been digitized and re-edited to how the director originally intended:

Beyond Zero Emissions - Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan released

Beyond Zero Emissions was established in 2006 out of a concern that the stated climate change goals of other environmental organisations at the time contradicted the scientific literature. Policies these organisations were calling for if realised would see atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise, thereby causing devastation from global warming.

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Digital Culture Fund v2.0 - call for applications

Digital Culture Fund call announced

The Australia Council's Digital Culture Fund initiative supports artistic projects exploring liveness, connectivity and participation made possible with new digital platforms.

This is an exciting Australia Council initiative open to artists from all artforms, so please promote to your networks.

We encourage proposals for innovative digital culture projects with:

· Artists and audiences co-creating new forms of live experience

· Experimentation across platforms and to engage diverse communities with creative practice

· Inventive strategies for live collaboration, presentation and distribution of artwork.

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Public Lecture 2: Architects without Frontiers and Ozquest, David Anderson

Architects without Frontiers and Ozquest: Working in Nepal on community projects

This year OzQuest is running its fourth international program which will provide participants with the opportunity to design + assist in the construction of work in different Nepalese communities.

David Anderson will be presenting the week’s additional public lecture.

This will be held 6pm drinks for a 6:15pm start, Friday 13th August, level 5 Architecture studios Building 6, UTS City Campus

In this presentation, students will be inspired and see how they might have an opportunity to use their skills to participate in an expedition and be able to work alongside local tradesmen and Nepalese Architecture students to construct a facility for a small village in Nepal, be exposed to world heritage architecture and the people and culture of Nepal.

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Australasian Sound Recordings Association Conference

Australasian Sound Recordings Association Conference
1-3 September 2010, hosted by the State Library of Victoria

Outside the Circle sound culture beyond the mainstream

'Outside the Circle' will explore the development and growth of sound cultures that began life outside of commercial and mainstream circles. The conference aims to provide a forum for discussions concerning collections, recordings, research and technology based on alternative perspectives and paradigms. We hope to learn more about the individuals and groups working on the ‘outside’ as well as their unusual uses of recorded sound. How is material generated from these alternative sources collected, preserved and accessed? What impact might this have on curatorial policy?

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‘THE SOUND OF RED EARTH’ compilation - submissions wanted


Kaldor Public Art Projects are currently seeking submissions from sound artists and musicians for a free, digital compilation to be released later this year. The compilation is aimed at framing Stephen Vitiello’s work from ‘The Sound Of Red Earth‘ in a wider context, one that seeks to explore the prevalent themes of isolation, remoteness, distance, nature, environment and ‘earth’ through sound and music.

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A lomo photography & cycling tour of Surry Hills

31 July 2010 – 14 August 2010 Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Surry Hills Bike Tour

A self-guided cycling tour is being held each Saturday during Sydney Design 2010 to showcase the creativity buzzing within the 2010 postcode.

Unleash the photographer within and capture a slice of Sydney on this cycling tour with a difference. Exploring the design precinct and some of the lesser-known parts of Surry Hills, participants are provide with a LOMO camera, map and passport to aid in their self-guided tour, documenting discoveries as they go along. The cycling tour starts and ends at cloth and Metalab, meeting in the middle at I Ran The Wrong Way. These three venues will be showcasing the Designer Sushi exhibition - an exciting new project which challenges designers to re-imagine everyday objects.

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Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture - issue 1.2 available

Edition 1.2 of Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture now published.


Featured Articles

Making a Noise - Making a Difference: Techno-Punk and Terra-ism
Graham St John

Technics, Precarity and Exodus in Rave Culture
tobias c. van Veen

The Aesthetics of Protest in UK Rave
Ramzy Alwakeel

Memory and Nostalgia in Youth Music Cultures: Finding the Vibe in the San Francisco Bay Area Rave Scene, 2002-2004
Eileen M Wu


The History of Our World: The Hardcore Continuum Debate
Simon Reynolds

"Let's Have At It!": Conversations with EDM Producers Kate Simko and DJ Denise
Rebekah Farrugia

From the Floor

Sound System Nation: Jamaica
Graham St John

Capturing the Vision at California's Symbiosis Festival

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Transitory Life - A Retrospective, Songs and Stories - by Laurie Anderson

Transitory Life - A Retrospective, Songs and Stories. By Laurie Anderson

'This is a great chance for me to put together a couple of decades of my favourite stories and songs. They tell a whole different story.' Laurie Anderson

Transitory Life is a solo retrospective performance by Laurie Anderson drawing on her life’s work. The collection of songs and stories includes pieces from Anderson’s acclaimed solo shows The Speed of Darkness, Happiness, The End of the Moon and Homeland.

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Autechre in Sydney - my experiences

I received a last min ticket from @artsdigitalera (tx!) so didn't arrive until about 10pm. rob hall was playing. I liked his set - thought it was quite varied, so there was something for everyone. it seemed to be a mixed, older crowd so I liked that too. I thought he was playing tracks going backwards in time. dubstep -> tech -> breakbeat -> acid house etc so I liked that too.

went downstairs to the side of the stage to hear Autechre. I found myself standing, swaying more like it, in the spot where all the speaker air aligned and it was sending electric shocks through my arms, legs and face - cheeks & nose. lips were vibrating. base of my throat was constricting - I could feel this when I moved to other places, but not the feelings in the rest of my body. I could feel puffs of air going up my jeans and jumper sleeves, and with every beat of the heavy bass it was giving me a shock. it felt like a tens machine had been hooked up to the line out and was sending pulses into the floor & conducting through my shoes with every beat. I showed a few other people the spot and they felt it too. one girl told me it sounded better up the front, in front of the speaker, but that was too loud so I moved back to the other spot where it was less loud (if that's possible). at times it made me feel a bit sick. my nose was running. I had to keep moving away, but I had to keep moving back too. it was the most physiological reaction to a music performance I'd ever felt at a gig (& prob in my life, let alone at a gig) I was thinking that some of those frequencies must be borderline legal?? my friend's dave & murray mentioned there was a band that plays tones/frequencies that cause adverse bodily functions. I just kept thinking of an old Get Smart episode where they'd played tones to blow up or interrogate one of the russian spies - or something like that, I forget the actual details, but I remember seeing an old ep like that when I was a child and wondering how sound could do that. has a video taken throughout the night. ~ 1min of rob hall & ~ 5mins of autechre. it's from my phone cam so not the best quality, and autechre played in the dark, except for the lights of the bar, which I filmed to get some focus. it seemed to me like they were doing a southern cross constellation tour - playing under the constellation glow of the apple logos and desk monitor lights. from the side I could faintly see one of the guys from the glow of light from his mac book pro.

so, for a performance I didn't think I'd get to see as I hadn't pre-planned getting a ticket, it was a great night - a very physical performance/experience for me. I slept & dreamt so well afterwards too.

I had hoped to make it to Graham St John's book launch in st peters though I missed that. there were so many things on last night - it was one of those nights with too much choice so I almost stayed home, except for the ticket offer that made me leave the house.

I have some of Autechre's early albums (1990s vintage) - might need to check out their new one too

-- posted as an email reply to autechre thread on clan-l

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