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[syd] Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez :: 1 August 2003

Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez :: 1 August 2003 @ Tank :

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Throbbing Gristle reforms in 2004

Chris Carter, Peter Christopherson, Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti will briefly regroup to present RE~TG, a weekend of music, art, film and performance culminating in an exclusive set by the cult industrial band Throbbing Gristle. The location will be Pontin's Holiday Resort, Camber Sands, near Rye, England. RE~TG will take place on 14th-16th May 2004. Also expected for 2004 is a new Throbbing Gristle CD compilation entitled "The World According To Throbbing Gristle".

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Side-Line recruits reviewers / journalists

Time has come to add some fresh blood to our editorial staff! In order to be qualified to join our staff, people need to have a background of our scene, preferrably DJ's, radio activists or journalists, and need to have appealing writing skills. Contacts in the music industry are a welcome extra. As well as already being serviced by various record companies for your current activities on the scene. Geographical location is not important as such, though living in Belgium (preferrably near Brussels) could be a plus.

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VIRUS and WOTDOO present "THE GEEZER" Live at INSECTOID 3 CD launch. On the eve of the New Year, Guy McAffer a.k.a The GEEZER, arguably from Londons' true underground, played one of his infamous live sets at Insectoid 3 in Melbourne. It was DAT recorded and the CD will be available imminently available in all good independent record stores in OZ and beyond.

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[brisbane] free animation night


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[brisbane] Diazepam 3

Diazepam 3: A club night of relaxed, original hip-hop and electronica. Wednesday August 6th, starts 8.30pm @ Reefo's, 20 Constance St Valley

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[newcastle] Bacchinalia Kabaret

The Royal Exchange will be holding a Kabaret on Saturday 2nd August. Bacchinalia - A celebration of wine, vegetation, pleasure, civilisation and warm moisture.

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[brisbane] Localise - a bi-monthly event featuring local artists

Saturday Aug 2 7-11pm. Bands: Rosalind, Medulla, The Daisycutters plus special guests at St.Andrew's Basement 160 Vulture St. South Brisbane All ages - drug/alcohol free

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[brisbane] Wild Spaces film festival

Wild Spaces film festival is Australia's only environmental and social justice film festival. This year the festival will screen films to inform and inspire from around Australia and the world in August. Visit the website at for program info

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[canberra] "I wake to the burble of an electronic voice" seminar

How does a graduate of Computer Science at the ANU come to be writing about Cuba from the seat of a folding bicycle? Lynette Chiang will talk about how she went from learning IT on the ANU's DEC-10, through being an "Oracle oracle", to marketer and author. She will show photos from, and talk about, her new book "The Handsomest Man in Cuba".

[brisbane] BEMAC "Spotlight" Series concerts

BEMAC "Spotlight" Series - an intimate concert atmosphere with a focus on the work of soloists, duos and trios. The much traveled duo "The Hottentots" will be performing at Kangaroo Point on Friday 1st August.

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The Girls In Space report

The Girls In Space report written by Anita Egginton, has been posted on the Yspace web site at in the "New Resources" section. The focus of the Girls In Space action research has been, since 1996, to explore young women's recreation and leisure interests in public spaces in Brisbane. The women that this research is focused on are aged 12-25. The audience for this piece of work is diverse.

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[brisbane] Glock on a break but Elation @ Valley Fiesta

The band Glock are taking break at the moment - expect to see them performing again towards end of year. In the meanwhile, Elation are playing in Valley Mall @ 3pm as part of Valley Fiesta so if you're looking to shake yer booty, check it out

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Party in Bali to support Aus & Indonesian people

Following the devastation of October 12 in Bali, and the effect it has had on the livelihoods of both Australian and Indonesian families, Melbourne's Vegas Boys have come together with Air Paradise, Bali

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[tas] "Youth: Voices of tomorrow: Dancing into the Future - What tune are YOU dancing to?" forum

Youth forum: for those in Tasmania on 24th July: "Youth: Voices of tomorrow: Dancing into the Future - What tune are
YOU dancing to?" Date: 24 July 2003; 6 p.m. All welcome for this youth forum for people 15 - 25 to have their
say, air their views and opinions (to be broadcast across Tasmania the following week on ABC Radio 936 Tuesday 7:10 )

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