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VloMo08 : day23 - coffee in india

it's hard to find a good coffee in india - this is one from mumbai. there's a couple of coffee shop chains : Cafe Coffee Day & Barista. they're not too bad. but I've been spoiled by the Australian coffee shops

VloMo08 : day23 - coffee in india

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VloMo08 : day23 - coffee in india from kath on Vimeo.

Bangalore sport

A vlog entry from my trip to Bangalore...

Bangalore sport

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Voices from the Waters film festival(India) call for submissions

Water, the source of life, today, has been deviously packaged into a commodity, creating a paucity of water and causing severe trauma to various peoples all over the world. The shortage of drinking water both in urban and rural areas has escalated to an acute level in the last five years, specially heightened by drought and war. This will have serious repercussions for the peoples of the world and the environment. One of the objectives of Water Journeys is to screen films on water issues, water struggles, water conservation and related issues in schools, colleges and communities to start a dialogue on the issue of control and use of water. It aims at networking with agencies involved in the protection and preservation of lakes, rivers and other water bodies. Further Water Journeys will soon start an international journal on water issues. It will address the socio-political and cultural implications of water, making it an interesting and enlightening knowledge source for action. In its 27 years of active involvement, Bangalore Film Society has been instrumental in screening films of internationally acclaimed film directors from all over the world, initiating a process of intercultural dialogue and creating avenues for divergent aesthetic experiences. read more for details or contact (Anupama Jayaraman, Co ordinator, Water Journeys).

Bangalore club djs on radio

Date:14/08/2004 URL: Metro Plus Bangalore Chennai

The party partners are back

The two biggest party animals in town reunite with the first-ever independent radio show dedicated to club music

ROHIT BARKER and DJ Ivan are two names that spell "party" to any young 'n' restless Bangalorean. Having the ex-RJ and the country's best DJ at a club is a sureshot way of ensuring a combination of the wildest music and crowds partying like the world is going to end tomorrow. Besides being favourite Page Three personalities, Rohit and Ivan created the first-ever dance music show on radio which had a successful run for two years before the station changed its priorities. After a hiatus lasting a year and a half, the duo have come together to create the first-ever independent radio show in the country.

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The Hindustan Times
Sunday. August 27, 2000
Musical escapades: From the racks to the Net

IÔøΩm a cyber viber, In a virtual sea/IÔøΩm a glider rider, On a surfing spree.

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