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Lullabot Drupal podcasts and videocasts

Lullabot creates drupal podcasts and videocasts with useful tips on how to use Drupal as well as new module introduction.

Lullabot designs strategies and open source solutions for companies weary from vendor lock-in, software license fees and the burdens of maintaining proprietary information systems. We have immense experience with Drupal and other open source software and stay current of best practices, latest trends and technologies. We provide consultation, training, development support, and documentation to help our clients harness the power of these constantly growing and improving applications.

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test processing file upload

this is a test only to check I can load processing applets on this site.

this is one of the basic tutorials (with adjusted parameters) - nothing too exciting!

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processing tutorials by Daniel Shiffman

Vade's blog also mentions a Processing workshop he went to - Daniel Shiffman's workshop pages has tutorials and examples for Processing. his website is - check the examples here also.

Shiffman teaches java programming :

beginners course info

advanced sessions

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Real World Max/MSP/Jitter & Glitch for VJs via Vade's blog

Vade's blog has max patches and tutorials for creating glitch videos and other cool stuff.

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IEI's Patented Creativity Machine Paradigm

Creativity Machines represent a new kind of neural network paradigm that is capable of generating rather than just associating patterns. They are based upon what we believe to be a significant scientific discovery: that a neural network exposed to any conceptual space and then internally irritated, in a specially prescribed way, tends to generate coherent ideas derived from its absorbed wisdom.

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sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ! is a Realtime-Mind-Music-Video-Re-De-Construction-Machine.

It is a conceptual software which makes it possible to work with samples in a completely new way by making them available in a manner that does justice to their nature as concrete musical memories. The whole package will be released under the GNU GPL soon.

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Kill Your Television

Kill Your Television is a site with a collection of videos ranging from experimental, documentary, tactical media, art and more. visit for more information

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film library Australia

Film Australia Library

Film Australia is celebrating 60 years of documentary with preview clips online.

See our News page for the latest annnouncement.

In 1945, the Australian National Film Board was established to produce documentary films and in 1946, Stanley Hawes began work as the first "producer in chief" of what was to become Film Australia.


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