new zealand

new zealand

Audio Foundation Artspace Performances 18/02/2006

mhfs, Sean Kerr, Robin Fox performed live @ Artspace in Auckland on 18/02/2006.

this is a slideshow video of some photos taken on the night has some other documentation of the night

music in the video is "Reel Life" by Cinematic Orchestra

Radio One - Dunedin 91FM

Radio One is a radio station based in Dunedi, New Zealand which broadcasts on 91 FM.

"Radio One 91fm is your radio station, home of the intrepid audiophile. We take you to the school and bank your cheque with all the freshest music, the latest news, and the skinny on the places to be."

Groove Guide - free street press / mini-mag in New Zealand

Groove Guide is a free mini-mag / street press in New Zealand.

Published by Real Groovy Promotions
PO Box 91285

Listing enquiries :
Gemma Dickinson

Editor / Designer :

20060205 Auckland drive

Ever been on a drive where the countryside is so beautiful it's hard to pick the most beautiful part of it. I took some video - the collage doesn't do the day justice but perhaps gives some idea. There was so much to look at I had to choose some of the finer details to concentrate on.

This video was created in eZedia QTI for Windows. I'm trying out the software - you can add interactive components but for this example I didn't. I just left it simple. There's a limit to 5 objects on the trial version as well so I couldn't fit any more objects in without going over save/export limit! The only thing I don't like about it is that I need to host the videos locally (at least all together on another site of mine) instead of using a remote site such as Which means if I use this technique again, I'll need to use smaller video files and loop them. Hopefully this doesn't make my site go over bandwidth - it's only a very small webspace. Oh well. See how it goes.

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White Fungus Magazine

White Fungus is an experimental arts magazine based in Wellington, Aotearoa, New Zealand. Produced by a collective of artists, writers and designers, White Fungus is an ongoing experiment in community media art.


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ok, these links aren't all strictly hip hop, but some of the galleries do show some graf, and if you're visiting NZ/Auckland, it's worth checking them out.

in the galleries, there's usually an "Artwalk K Road" brochure created by the K Road Business Association - this is where all these links & descriptions come from. (typos & errors below are mine)

K Road = Karangahape Road, I'll use the abbreviation to save more typos

Auckland University of Technology

AUT is New Zealand's most contemporary university, with a unique profile reflecting our history and innovative approaches to teaching, learning and research.

AUT enables opportunities in the modern professions and disciplines of today's economy, offering a wide range of postgraduate and undergraduate degrees, as well as diplomas and certificates.

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The New Zealand Film Archive

The New Zealand Film Archive has three principal functions—to collect, protect and project New Zealand's moving image heritage.

Established in 1981, the Film Archive is an independent charitable trust overseen by a Board of Trustees representing film, archival, Maori and community interests. The Film Archive's constitution (PDF, 76K) and kaupapa (PDF, 76K) express a unique commitment to collect, protect and project New Zealand's film and television history.

Govett Brewster Gallery

The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery is a museum that fosters the development and interpretation of contemporary
art, and is principally supported by the New Plymouth District Council.

visit http://ww


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