Fundraiser Auction for The Masta

The Brisbane turntablists and hip hop community are organizing a fundraiser for The Masta (The Master / Da Masta / Jason Belzer) (twitter tag #Funds4DaMasta) who is also suffering from cancer. Initially they are asking for people to donate items for the eBay auctions - details below.

*** Update 19-20/12/2011 - THE AUCTION IS NOW LIVE @ ***

the auction has started! all the profits will be sent to The Masta to help ease his battle with cancer - already an amazing response - from such high quality & often rare donations, to people spreading the word, and bidding on items. still a few items to put up, but the majority are there. thanks so much to everyone involved - it feels like the whole Australian hip hop community has come together to help with this. (I will add more to the tumblr site over next few days) auctions run for another 9-10days - there's a range of items (& some aren't hip hop, if that's not your thing). I think there's something for everyone. single items & packs - if you can't afford one item, maybe consider doing a 'joint bid' with another/few people. &/or help spread the word. all help is greatly appreciated!! is the direct ebay link

I remember seeing The Master DJ at gigs and in competitions (eg DMC & ITF) in Brisbane in the 1990s and early 2000s. He always had the flair to entertain the audience with crowd pleasing moves. At the time there was a fair bit of rivalry between some of the turntablists - there were battles between DJ Angus / Bribe and The Master. Angus was a friend of mine so I always went for him of course, but I thought The Master was a good turntablist too - his skills often had the crowds cheering. I remember seeing them battle it out on the decks at Rics in the Valley and at the bar in Paddington (which I've just forgotten the name of, will update when I remember).


I have a copy of his "From Dole Cheques to Rolex" album also, which I'd discovered a couple of years after its release (as I'd left Brisbane officially in mid 2001, though traveled back there often throughout 2001 on weekend trips) - it's a great cd, once again, very entertaining. He's also one of the fastest Australian rappers that I've heard. His raps on this album are very funny, but in the same way a little sad in that there always seems to have been something going wrong in his life or a quirky situation in his lyrics. It's good he handled it with humour though. He used to have really long hair back then - a Samson-like character. Or an Australian version of a Philip K Dick book character, the Aussie battler.

Hunter used to speak about him very fondly on twitter - we had a few chats about his CD and DJing and Hunter would sing his praises. I found some of his tweets from 6th & 7th April 2011 - this was one occasion - I'd sent Jason a message on facebook to see if he'd like to do a video for turntabletag and had mentioned it to Hunter - he told some stories and talked about some music they were working on together. I know he wanted to help the Masta also, and mentioned that he spoke to him on the phone often. The Master lives in Melbourne now - MC Reason has posted on twitter too that he's gone over to Jason's place to help support him, and I've heard Bigfoot has been a great support also. It's just a heartbreaking situation, and we've already lost too many good people with Hunter's passing.

(posting here as some might not have seen these as they probably didn't follow me on twitter also, so missed some of his great stories and memories)

Hunter speaking about The Masta RT @HunterSBX @AliaK I love his album so much, yeh he's a Hell allrounder! I hang with him when I'm in Melbs all the time, he is one of my favorite people

@AliaK The Masta is the maddest Cunt in the whole wide world! I hope he says yes! I'm sure he will if he's up to it...

@AliaK the Masta and I are battling it out to see who can live with cancer the longest! Pity the loser of that one.

@AliaK "they got their hands in their pockets in their pockets they don't make no noise" fuck that's a good album! Dole Cheques to Rolex

@AliaK I'd put it in my top 5 Aussie albums of all time. The beat change in 'S to the S' is one of the sweetest. I never not play it when DJ

@AliaK 'with a big fat sack of hydro' can't remember the rest.. Sooo fuckin dope! He's one who won't be fully appreciated till he's gone.

@AliaK Nicole Foote played half of 'How Fat is she' on jjj, and cut it not even half way through, claiming it was too offensive. Funny shit

@AliaK or maybe a minute, crying with laughter after a minute that is

@AliaK the Master and I are working on a couple of songs together, hopefully They see the light of day early 2012

Not me! O didn't write a song called 'Im so Broke' I tweeted it wrong. The Master. Some Melburn peeps would have seen him perform it.

@MrChaoS420 I didn't write the song, you hears of 'The Masta'? Real funny cunt. He wrote the song, it'll have ya pissin ya self

@AliaK the tracks we are doing together are commentary I guess. I don't have half the sense of humour he does!

(6th & 7th Apr 2011)


here's some more from 7th July 2011 where I'd asked how The Masta was

@AliaK haven't spoken to him in a while, we in different time zones, he nocturnal... Get the
occasional text he hanging in there

@AliaK just spoke to him briefly, gonna call him back

later that day.. regarding From Dole Cheques to Rolex album,
@AliaK I rate it as one of Australia's finest HipHop releases. Remember he did all the production, raps and cuts! And it's all dope!

@TheMaster_SSF doesn't tweet much, more of a Facebook head but should get on here more I reckon. @AliaK . S to the S has the best tempo

@TheMaster_SSF @AliaK the song S to the S has the best tempo change ever! Track 2 on 'From dole cheques to Rolex' The Master!

I requested S to the S on triple j - Hau's hip hop show, and Hunter agreed,
@haubrowncow @AliaK I second that request! Fuxkin dope track!

he was so happy that day/night,
I'm at the @Bias_B show, feeling so good! Got mad #SBXKingZ in the house! HipHop cures cancer no fuckin doubt!

@RichoKidd Hahah, all good mate, that's what HipHop is all about! Inclusiveness! We all feel at home at HipHop jams!

from 29th July 2011
#ff @TheMaster_SSF

and from 7th October 2011

You could take any song from @TheMaster_SSF album "From Dole Cheques to Rolex" and it
could be a JJJ banger! He's just that bloody good!


The Master has also posted a few videos on his facebook page and youtube page - this youtube video was the one that triggered the auction. He speaks about his cancer, and treatments and some of the procedures he's been through with the medical profession, and we see his cute cat too. I had a call from DJ Sheep and he said he felt he had to do something to help. they'd spoken on the phone a few times and had laughed over & put to rest any old rivalries from ex-Brisbane days. I hear he's going to go to Melbourne and do an interview with Jason and let him tell his story, so I hope this happens too.

master explains.wmv


there's a google doc with the details on the request for donations of items to be auctioned: (pasted below also, but please check the doc in case it changes)

updated 11/12/2011

Legendary Australian DJ / MC / hip-hop icon (originally from Noosa, via Brisbane, via Melbourne), Da Masta has been battling with cancer for quite sometime now. Legendary MC Reason from Melbourne, alongside DJ Sheep, who originally had a long history and rivalry with Da Masta in the 1990's have decided to stand up and co-ordinate an auction ala "Heat 4 Huntz" (R.I.P.) - with respect to the original idea - to raise some funds for Da Masta's medical bills as well as helping him release his next album and provide him with funds to get through this difficult time.

We are looking for donations, no matter how big or small you are in the Australian hip-hop community. Cancer is a serious issue that has affected us all with the passing of the legendary Hunter as well as affecting people the world over.

Any donations are greatly appreciated. To donate, please reach out to by no later than Friday the 16th December. The auctions will be posted on the 19th of December and end on Boxing Day, the 26th of December. ** update 17/12 - ebay have advised we need to include the “authority to fundraise" id/number on the auction items according to their fundraising policy, so we need to apply for this.

it seems to take 10-20 days for this application to be processed (for nsw) (no fee), so there may be a short delay to the start of the auction. we will try to sort this out as quickly as possible

The auctions will take place on eBay which is where I will need everyone’s help to get the word out on social networking sites/message forums. If you donate, it will also be your responsibility to send the items to the winning bidder via registered post.

Here is the process to be involved (I will not be responding to facebook/twitter/message forums):
1. E-mail me a description of the item you wish to donate (including grading if it is a used item)
2. Send me a high quality picture of the item, or a few if photos if there is a front/back/autographs
3. Send me a description of item as detailed as possible
4. Send me the name you wish to appear as the person who donated
5. Package the item up ready to send, fill out a reigstered post form
6. Once the winning bidder has paid, I will forward you their address and you can send it registered.
7. Pat yourself on the back for doing a good man a good deed, and anticipate the karma that comes back from doing such.

So far we have Hilltop Hoods, Crate Cartel, Downsyde, Jaquey (Weird Gear), Chris Kelly (Addicts / Sunday Scratch Jamboree), Minimal Aesthetics Records, Soul Clap Records, SBX Crew, Porsha Laine, Nikk-C, Len-1, Reason, Delta, Terntable Jediz/Blue Corner Records Family (DJ Sheep, Damage, Matty Fresh), and many more involved. I hope that more people jump on this bandwagon and show the respect and love the lad deserves.
If you can not donate, please help spread the word and participate in the auctions and show this little Aussie battler some love.

For a little background of his situation, please watch this video, it's heartbreaking to say the very least.

To keep in touch with this auction, please join my facebook page @

Much respect and thanks. peace. DJ Sheep

Here is an example of some of the great items donated so far:

1. Test pressing of Dirt Style’s “Kombat Kuts” battle record & signed DJ QBert poster (donated by: Chris Kelly)

2. Hunter & DJ Vame - Monster House LP (signed by Hunter & DJ Vame) (donated by Soul Clap Records)

3. Porsah Laine "Feel This" CD (featuring and signed by Hunter, Drapht & SBX) (donated by Porsah Laine)

4. A limited edition 12" that Hunter had cut before he died. It is an SBX mix tape with the following tracks (donated by Lau and MarleyBear of behalf of SBX);
Side A: 1: Belief - SBX / 2: Roll - Porsah Laine / 3: The Sylla Squad - SBX / 4: - Zed - Hunter
Side B: 1: My Love - SBX / 2: Every Corner - Layla / 3: Falling - Drapht (Dazastah Remix) / 4: Co Conspirators - SBX
****This 12" is signed by Hunter, Dazastah, Mortar and Drapht and is one of 24 that Hunter had cut and signed.

5. Blue Corner Records pack including signed: Terntable Jediz “All Out War CD, Matty Fresh “Ginza Crime Library” CD + a Matty Fresh beat + a scratch chorus by the DJ Damage (Optimen / Terntable Jediz) over the beat (you can chose from a selection of beats which will be posted off Matty’s soundcloud page) (donated by: Blue Corner Records - DJ Sheep & DJ Damage).

6. 2 x sealed copies of The Optimen “Give It Up” 12” single (donated by: DJ Damage)

7. Signed Lord Finesse poster (donated by: DJ Sheep)

8. Hospice Crew - VERY RARE Stormwater Instrumental LP: grey vinyl (donated by Nikk-C)

9. Dave V - V EP (ft. Lazy Grey) / Len-1: Begged Borrowed & Stolen CD (signed) / Brothers Stoney: Tappin' Buttons CD (donated by Len-1)

10. Requiem - Grassroots Anarchy CD (signed) / Requiem - Coffee Biros & Death CD (signed, rare - only 15 copies left with no re-press) (donated by Minimal Aesthetics Records)

+ a lot more to be pulled out the vaults / or confirmed... stay tuned...



photo album of some of the donated items so far 15/12/2011


The Masta's bio from his facebook page :

Been on the mic way too long (89), started deejaying 2 years after that. Won alot of dmc/itf battles back in the late 90's early 00's (lost a few too). Released "Smoking Skills" on cassette in 1997 (bet ya cant find a copy of that!), put out aussies 2nd ever battle record (after bonez) "little aussie battler" which is dope as and rare also, then put out the highly slept on full length solo album "From Dole Cheques to Rolex" in 2001 so if ya see that cd, buy it cause its fly. Appeared on tons of aussie compilations like Four Element Effect, Kings of Steel and some others i cant remember or were too wack (apart from my track) to mention.

Did the cuts on almost everybodys albums like a scratch monkey turntable slut. including Bigfoots upcomming Giant Steps album which is pure fire, featuring alot of oz kings. Also Daywalkers Twilight to Daybreak CD. I promote underground launches for only the ill mc's such as Clandestine, Tornts, Hunter, the list goes on and my jams are the best underground jams in Melbourne and you know this!

Im currently working on my new album which will cut your ears off and serve them back to toys in tiny bite sized pieces...


Hunter also tagged The Master in on Rappertag - he was Rappertag #9

The Master_Rapper Tag.MPG



Butter Beats / Team 183 have a page about "Little Aussie Battler" battle record :
(I'm not sure when this was posted - perhaps in 2002 when the album was released...)

via :

Artist: The Master
Release Date : 19-6-2 (2002)
Format: 12 EP. 300 copies only.
Cost : $20.00

The Little Aussie Battler is an australian battle record with over 100 different samples with 4 tracks on it as well. The raps are raw underground aussie hip hop with witty humour from the current Queensland DMC champ THE MASTER. Running time is 22 minutes either side. There is only 300 copies to be pressed on vinyl ever. An instant aussie Hip Hop collectors item. Great value and funny as hell.

The battle record component of the record features:
- over 60 aussie vocal samples including oz crims, cops, freaks and dope heads.
- dope battle loops on both sides including an extended Funky Worm for scratching over.
- compilation of expletives and samples of abuse to toys for those heated battles.

There are two vocal tracks either side.
A1. HOW FAT IS SHE - the funniest Hip Hop track ever released in Australia and banned on JJJ after the switchboard was lit up with complaints after a few minutes on the Hip Hop show. The track is 6 minutes of disses to the big boned.... she walked past the tv and I missed 3 commercials.... or she was born on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July.

A2. EQUIPMENT- an ode to making do with shitty equipment and a fortnightly dole cheque.

B1. S TO THE S - features Kate Iles on chorus and vocals. Check this track is a wicked Trip Hop.

B2. UNORTHODOX - An aussie hard rock classic by the Angels is looped for an aussie hip hop classic. Chorus uses the classic mullet way, get fucked fuck off...!!!

- Our last comp received favourable reviews in Australian Rolling Stone, Hip Hop Connection in the UK, Juice magazine in Australia etc.The Little Aussie Battler will have a larger promotional push including ads in Stealth and Large magazine. Posters and stickers have also been made up for a street campaign.