Free Cinema

Free Cinema is an experiment with two goals: 1) To introduce independent filmmakers to the ideas behind the burgeoning free-culture movement. 2) To see if applying those ideas to feature filmmaking will result in something new and interesting.

Now that digital technology has made the feature film as cheap to produce as a novel (i.e., for nothing), it has become possible for filmmakers to experiment with their own copyrights in ways that were formerly impractical.

Now the Movie

NOW! is a unique, international collaborative film project.

The project aims to create a powerful and inspiring snapshot view of the world today, as seen through the eyes of a global network of film-makers: YOU! If you'd like to take part in making cinematic history please read on!

You and NOW!

YOU, the global network of filmmakers, will decide on the content: the footage for NOW! will filmed by you, and sent to the NOW! team for more about this

SoundLab Channel Australian Call for Works

This is a nationwide call for works for Australian sound artists to contribute to SoundLab Channel Edition III. SoundLab Channel was launched as part of [R][R][F]2005--->XP in the Biennale of Electronic Art Perth 2004 SoundLab Channel is an Internet sound gallery hosted in Cologne. As part of [R][R][F]2005--->XP SoundLab Channel will participate in all future presentations of [R][R][F]2005--->XP in virtual and physical space. Deadline 13 June, 2005. read more for details or visit

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Song Competition

AuStrALiA's DeADliEst tALent qUeSt.....
"Cyanide Idol" is open to any original song or spoken word about issues relating to cyanide-leach mining and Lake Cowal. (this can include topics such as dangers of mining, corporate greed, theft of Indigenous land, protection of water ways, impact of mining on communities...). there's stacks of prizes to be won- movie ticktets, cds, gift vouchers and more. Plus all entries get to go on the CD. All styles of music welcome. For more information on the issues and for inspiration check out the website

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d:Art.O5 - Distributed Art

d:Art.O5 is the eighth edition of dLux media arts acclaimed annual showcase of recent Australian and International single channel, short experimental digital film and video, web and sound art. d:Art.O5 will consist of an exhibition of sound, web, and mobile phone art and a screening program of experimental film and video art. The exhibition will take place at the Sydney Opera House Exhibition Hall in August/September 2005. The screening program will be presented during this same period. For more information and to make a submission to d:Art.O5, please visit

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The Ethics of E-Games : cfp

The Ethics of E-Games, Call for Papers - IRIE, Vol. 2/2005 International Review of Information Ethics. Computer-based or e-games, in both standalone and networked incarnations (including 'Massive Multiplayer Online Games' or MMOGs), represent one of the most popular and an economically profitable uses of ICTs and CMC in the contemporary world. Such games not only simulate a range of human social interactions, from building (perhaps utopian) societies to historical and fantasy warfare of every age: the games further occasion and catalyze a range of human interactions that rightly inspire research from a variety of disciplines and specialties. Especially violent games (e.g., Quake, Doom, Grand Theft Auto III, and others) have generated some critical discussion, ranging from 'moral panics' in popular media to social science investigations into possible effects and consequences of participating in such games. But e-games represent a relatively neglected subject in Information Ethics. At the same time, however, if broader discussion of e-games is to include responsible and informed ethical reflection, much more critical reflection from the various perspectives of Information Ethics upon the multiple dimensions of e-games and game-playing is needed. Hence this special issue of IRIE calls for such critical ethical reflection. For more information about the journal see: launches

WHAT'S STICKY? is a place to stick your stuff or get stuck into the works of other creative types. At Sticky you will be able to enjoy music, short films, animation, radio shows, digital stories, photography, writing, and heaps of other creative stuff from young Queenslanders. Better yet, you can put your own creative work online - and collaborate with other people to make or remix new stuff. Look out for the launch in late May 2005. To find out more, just log onto

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rocket noise . rocket sounds. call For Noise . call For Sound

this year at Burning Flipside ( there will be a 40'+ tall rocket ( the rocket will exist onsite for about 3 days, at which time it will either take off or burn to the ground. my guess is the rocket will take off, but i am an optimist. it would be nice for the rocket to make some subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) sounds. 3-5 independent sound sources: cd players and simple computer speakers. each set up will be placed somewhere in the rocket. somewhere pretty. or not. we shall see. simple is nice. from each little sound source will come noises and sounds that various people contribute. read more for details on how to contribute. [details from the idm maillist]


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