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Gang Festival - Sydney

'Gang' is a new contemporary art festival in the heart of Sydney's inner city suburb of Chippendale, carving innovative strides in the area of international collaboration. For the first time, Gang Festival will bring together the cutting edge of artist run initiatives in Indonesia and Australia through an artist exchange program, culminating in a showcase of works and art projects in Australia and Indonesia. Spearheaded by artist run spaces in Chippendale, this project will span 7 months and involve over 16 art organisations in over 10 residencies and dozens of community arts projects, building to a spectacular street festival finale on the 29th January 2006. visit http://www.gangfestival.com for details

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New Zealand's TransAcoustic Festival

Trans-Acoustic is a three day Festival where the centuries-old desire to fuse sensory impressions together is being given an experimental platform. Image generated to sound is now common practise, however TransAcoustic Festival will be examining the unique interface that results from the transformation of image or optical information into sound. Seeking to underline the acoustic perspective in a predominately visual culture, the Festival offers an inspiring synaesthetic experience to the public with seminars, performances and screenings on the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th December 2005 at The Kenneth Myers Centre and the Odeon Lounge. contact info@transacoustic.org.nz for information or visit the website @ http://www.transacoustic.org.nz

Auckland Hip Hop Summit - videos

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 The 2005 Auckland Hip Hop Summit was held 7-8th October at Auckland's Town Hall and Aotea Square. I caught a bit of the grafitti wall being painted on Saturday afternoon, and some of the "Disrupt the Floor" breakdancing heats. The finals and MC gigs were held Saturday night but unfortunately I couldn't attend. Congratulations to the Blackout crew for winning the competition - I heard it was a great battle between Step Kingz and Blackout. Check out some of the videos of the heats via the links below - be warned, some of the files are quite large!

Save the links and open in Real Player (Windows) to stream the videos instead of downloading. I'm trying out different file formats - some are are divX AVI and the others are DivX6. Any comments welcome on which format work best on your system..

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 09
Disrupt the Floor semi-finals
Time Bandits (Hamilton) (LHS) vs Blackout (The Mount) (RHS)
Blackout went through to the finals
(33Mb) (divx6 fomat) (00:07:29)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 08
Disrupt the Floor breakdancing comp - Popping battle
Elijah (LHS) vs Big Spell (RHS)
(33Mb) (divx6 fomat) (00:07:01)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 07
Disrupt the Floor breakdancing comp semi-finals
Step Kingz (Wellington) (LHS) vs Faith City Rockers (Auckland) (RHS)
Step Kingz go through to the finals
(175Mb) (avi format) (00:08:36)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 06
Disrupt the Floor breakdancing heats
Time Bandits (foreground) vs Questionable tekneek (background)
(133Mb) (AVI format) (00:08:48)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 05
Disrupt the Floor breakdancing heats
Blackout (foreground) vs Back Breakers (background)
(133Mb) (AVI format) (00:08:41)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 04
Disrupt the Floor heats
Stepkingz (Wellington) (LHS) vs Faith City Rockers (Auckland) (RHS) (part 2)
(20Mb) (avi format) (00:00:53)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 03
Disrupt the Floor heats
Stepkingz (Wellington) (LHS) vs Faith City Rockers (Auckland) (RHS) (part 1)
(23Mb) (avi format) (00:01:05)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 02
the view in Aotea Square showing grafitti wall being painted - graf characters
(9.1Mb) (avi format) (00:00:34)

Auckland Hip Hop Summit 2005 - 01
the view outside showing grafitti wall being painted by New Zealand artists
(2.3Mb) (avi format) (00:00:04)

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Weather in My Brain Sound-Visual Art Festival 2005 Open call for entrees

2005 The third Weather in My Brain Sound-Visual Art Festival is set for December.The event will include four sections: Weather in My Brain Sound – Visual Art Festival Performance Series, Weather in My Brain Music Video Festival, Weather in My Brain International Sound – Visual Art Forum, and Weather in My Brain Taiwanese Open Exhibition/Performances. For the long term, it is also planned to establish a Taiwan Sound – Visual Artist's Community. Web site to download application form: http://www.weatherinmybrain.org/

Earthdance Global Festival for Peace

On September 17 and 18, Melbourne and Sydney unite with 200,000 people dancing for peace around the Australia and the world. In conjuction with the United Nations World Peace Day, Earthdance creates global unity through the creative platforms of music, art and self expression. Earthdance is a global movement which unites socially and environmentally conscious people in more than 50 countries around the world in a celebration of peace and community.

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EARTHCORE hits QLD - The Amorphous Adrodgynous headlining

For the first time ever, Australia's largest dance music and lifestyle festival will be coming to QLD in full outdoor tour mode. Many of you have been making the Victorian pilgrimage to attend this annual event, but now it is scheduled to happen in our own backyard! fusing brisbane and earthcore presents.. EARTHCORE QLD - OUTDOOR :: 24 HR :: OPEN AIR FESTIVAL - SATURDAY 3 DECEMBER. The thunder from down under brings it monster martian death ray to Brisbane! Earthcore's main floor will unleash an open-air all star international lineup from dusk till later than dawn...... Internationals on the lineup so far include : The Amorphous Adrodgynous (Future Sound of London

NOMAD presents: ctrl_alt_del

ctrl_alt_del was the first sound-art festival realized in Turkey, in September 2003. It was a collaboration between NOMAD, Marres, Hedah, and Istanbul Technical University Center for Advanced Musical Studies (MIAM). ctrl_alt_del hosted by NOMAD and Istanbul Technical University - MIAM is being held in spetember 2005 and will be an experiment in aural stimulation and urban awareness. Taking the city of Istanbul as the ground for this experimentation, ctrl_alt_del seeks to observe, activate and cultivate a series of idiosyncratic possibilities this city provides, under the rubric of the 'buffer zone'. NOMAD and MIAM would like to receive interesting, provocative, experimental and sophisticated works. About 10 pieces will be selected among the entries by a jury to be performed during the ctrl_alt_del 2 festival on 22 September 2005, in front of an international audience. read more for details or visit http://project-ctrl-alt-del.com

Opportunity for WA visual, sound & performance artists

The ARTRAGE Festival 05 runs from Oct 01 - Oct 29 2005 and is being mounted exclusively in Northbridge and the Perth CBD. We are currently calling for WA artists of visual, sound, and performance orientations for 5 of these programs. We are currently calling for WA artists of visual, sound, and performance orientations for 5 of these programs including: The Dirty Rotten Cabaret, The Salvation Show, The 24 Hr Play Project, Supermart Window-shopping & Audiosity. All program information and application forms are available by going to the Artrage website, www.artrage.com.au or read more for further details.

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Electundra 2005 - Audio/Visual Festival - Melbourne

It's the Electundra second birthday and we want to welcome you to the underground alternative. Electundra 2005 is an excursion through sound and image that draws from the avant garde through garage easthetics to tech-head explorations in new technology and all the while keeping you entertained, questioning and above all exhilarated. All the artists in Electundra, no matter how diverse their vision, have one thing in common; and that is that their work is far from common. read more for details or visit http://www.electundra.com

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