Ponyloaf @ Frigid, Sydney, 13/04/2003 - DDT

Ponyloaf performed live @ Frigid at the Hopetoun Hotel in Sydney, 13/04/2003. this is a quick video made from video taken on the night. the song is DDT by Ponyloaf from the Emit One album. is their website has photos from the night as well as other performances by the band.

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Style High Club @ zine fair TINA 2005 Newcastle, Australia

the Style High Club performing at 2005 This is Not Art festival in Newcastle, Australia. I thought these guys were great. really nice sounds. perfect for an afternoon in the sun wandering through markets and relaxing after the festival. a nice aussie hip hop band with members from Adelaide & Melbourne is their myspace page

apparently their first album Creativity Department is available nationwide through Obese distribution (in Australia).

the audio is a little distorted on the video, the live performance sounded great though!

Robin Fox @ Artspace, Auckland, 18/02/2006

Robin Fox performed live @ Artspace in Auckland on 18/02/2006.

this is a recording in three parts of his performance has some other documentation of the night

Audio Foundation Artspace Performances 18/02/2006

mhfs, Sean Kerr, Robin Fox performed live @ Artspace in Auckland on 18/02/2006.

this is a slideshow video of some photos taken on the night has some other documentation of the night

music in the video is "Reel Life" by Cinematic Orchestra

Jalebee Cartel - Live @ Laidback, Delhi 23/08/2006

we went along to the Qutab Hotel last week to see Jalebee Cartel play. it was a really nice venue. low tables with soft cushioned chairs scattered in front of where the band played. the room filled up pretty quickly - once the band was playing I turned around and the place was packed! the band were excellent. at first I thought the vocals needed a better mix, but it improved quickly. I'd heard a couple of the songs on their myspace page and thought they were great, but the live performance was great - you could tell they were enjoying themselves. they introduced a range of instruments and had different style songs. some electronic and some more acoustic, some with vocals and others without. the lead male vocalist reminds me a touch between underworld/infusion/the beloved. I really like his voice. one song was in the more traditional form. the female vocalist was great also - such beautiful tone.

the song in the video / slideshow was downloaded from the Jalebee Cartel website - it's called "One Night with Baba Maal' by Jalebee Cartel. the website url is or their myspace page is

take a listen to Beautiful Rising on their myspace page. it's such a nice track. they played it at the gig, along with a remixed version as the encore song.

the original video & photos are very dark - it was the first time I've done night / indoor shots with my new camera & unfortunately I didn't take my other camera which has better night vision. so, some of the shots in this version have been adjusted so the people can be seen more clearly. my screen is broken so I hope the colours adjusted ok!! I'm seeing everything in VGA mode atm so colours / light could be out

the original version is @

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Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society (KEAMS)

The Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society (KEAMS) was founded for the development of electro-acoustic music and computer music in 1993.

visit for more details

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Seoul International Computer Music Festival (SICMF)

The Seoul International Computer Music Festival (SICMF) held annually since 1993 is one of the biggest electro-acoustic music festivals in Asia, and also internationally well-known.

Every year over 100 composers from various countries submit their works for the festival, and about 20 pieces among them are chosen and performed at the festival. We also have invited special composers or performers for the festival such as DEGEM, CCRMA and Meta Duo.

read more or visit for more details

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Create Digital Music website

Create Digital Music is a webzine and community site for musicians using technology. Their audience can read the latest news, tips, reviews, and features on digital music making. As a change of pace from the usual, unfiltered product news, the site's indepedent contributors focus on ahead-of-the-curve tools, DIY music making, emerging trends, advanced software and experimental interfaces, gaming technology, retro 8-bit music, and other themes.

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Perilous online archive of articles

Perilous is an archive of the fortnightly column from 3D World magazine written by Seb Chan from Sub Bass Snarl.

The column started in 1992/3 and the site has articles up until 2004 so is a great collection, documentation and snapshot in time of the Sydney and Australian electronic music & hip hop community, gigs and artists


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