tina 2006 - token word poetry jam 03 - citizen tom 02

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this is not art festival 2006 - token word poetry jam @ festival club, newcastle.

citizen tom

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tina 2006 - record player playing

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record player playing records after the Nomology book launch @ this is not art festival, sat 30/09/2006

newcastle, australia

tina 2006 - token word poetry jam 01 - The Town Crier / Cliff Lax

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part of The Town Crier / Cliff Lax's performance

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this is not art festival 2006 - token word poetry jam @ festival club, newcastle.

sat 30/09/2006

Howard says : English tests for entrants to Australia

this is an article about Australia's plans to impose English tests on immigrants in Delhi Times - Times International paper, published Saturday 16th september 2006, pg 32.

not many articles make the Delhi papers apart from sports (mostly cricket) and some educational/university related items, so it was interesting & disappointing that this is one of the articles that Australia is linked to. what an impression other countries must think of us!

I'd like to know if this made the news in Australia this week also and what people thought of it. plus I want to know what are the 'Australian values' on the test??? has the online version of the article

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This is Not Art & Electrofringe festivals 2003 - video

slideshow video of photos taken during the 2003 This is Not Art and Electrofringe festivals in Newcastle, Australia 01-06 October 2003 has info about this year's festival has the 2003 electrofringe website - you can find the program on this site has photos of the event

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Battle of the Year Australia 2003 - breakdancing finals video

a slideshow video of Battle of the Year Australia 2003 breakdancing finals held in Sydney 09/09/2003 at the State Sports Centre at Homebush Bay.

photos @

music is "Step Back Child" from five piece funk outfit, CROPPER from the Battle Of The Year BBoy Beats N breaks Annual 2003 CD. & have info about the event has a video of the Wikid Force breakers performance.

Wickid Force breakers @ BOTY 2003, Sydney - video

this is a video of the Wickid Force breakdance crew at Battle of The Year 2003 in Sydney, Australia. 09/08/2003

the audio is a bit distorted so you might want to turn it down, but it gives you an idea of the energy of their performance - both style and technical moves!

the video file is about 100Mb so could take a while to load depending on your net connection

I found a video of Wickid Force's performance at BOTY2003 Germany on youtube also @ has some photos from BOTY2000 in Hannover, Germany.

other photos of Battle of the Year are at :

BOTY2000 Germany

BOTY 2002 Sydney

BOTY 2003 Sydney


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