2006 Biennale of Sydney - Zones of Contact

The Biennale of Sydney is Australia's largest and most exciting international visual arts event. The Biennale of Sydney is held in Sydney's leading museums and galleries and is renowned for showcasing the freshest and most innovative contemporary art from Australia and around the world. Since 1973 the Biennale of Sydney exhibitions have presented the work of more than 1200 artists from over sixty countries. Most of these artists were also brought to Sydney by the Biennale, which often facilitated their travel and co-ordinated their professional engagements in a national outreach program to art schools and universities across Australia. Please visit the Biennale of Sydney website for more information on the Biennale's mission, history and past exhibitions. The concept 'Zones of Contact' forms the framework and organising principle of the 2006 Biennale of Sydney, which will include a range of artists from around the world practising in all forms of the visual arts. 'Zones of Contact' is about the spaces in which people live in and move between, the spatial dimensions of cities, settlements, territories, the land and home. The work refers to the temporal dimensions of those spaces, the body, everyday life, places in which people encounter one another and other cultures and sense of self and their histories. Visit for more details.

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Liquid Architecture 7- Sydney details

The Sydney leg of the annual Liquid Architecture festival of sound arts starts Wednesday 5th July at the Performance Space. The Sydney Morning Herald has a preview: The week will be packed with performances, talks and workshops from local and international artists. Liquid Architecture is an essential event for anyone interested in contemporary sound and music. visit for more details

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half second places

Watch the video my WATM Challenge 1: Half Second Cuts video - half second of different cities from the last couple of years travels - Seoul - Auckland - Delhi - Sydney

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Hot Chips - A night of live electro / laptop rock

Hot Chips - A night of all new electro / laptop rock - Saturday 13th May - The Lansdowne Hotel, 9:00pm, FREE.

Coming up at The Lansdowne on Saturday May 13th is a hotbed of huge electro-rock sound creativity, with Hot Chips, a night of all new laptop rock. Love Shark and The Stoner Funk Orchestra headline, with an exciting, fresh and even funkier new line-up and sound. Super Massive make their debut in support, with a sound that is electronic, dancey, and groovy with some heavy guitars thrown in. The Space Cowboys present electro-space-rock versions of country songs, and The It Boys start the night with some purely live-born computer-based dance music. Featuring some of Sydney's finest musicians in new sonic ventures. Entry is free, and music begins at 9:30pm.

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Moving Image Coalition - Melbourne, Sydney & Albury Wodonga

Moving Image Coalition is based in Melbourne, Australia. It invites independent/alternative super 8 film, 16mm, VHS (PAL format only), mDV, & DVD image/soundmakers to present their works at our quarterly screenings. Contact us now and spread the word. There are no joining fees or exhibition fees involved.

Ko-Jacq Show Me the Way (Take 4)


I'm starting to produce some tracks under the moniker, Ko-Jacq, and thought to put the 'works in progress' up on the web.
This first track is a drum 'n bass tune called, "Show Me the Way". It's the 4th version of this track thus far. You can find it at I'm contactable at

ps: will post a blog the next time this tune is updated.

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Show Me the Way (Take 4)


I'm producing some music now, under the moniker of Ko-Jacq. Got a drum 'n bass tune, called "Show Me the Way" at It's still a work in progress, but thought to whack it up on the web anyways. I'm not a Virgo, with an aversion to showing my 'works in progress' out in public before they are completed...tehehe

Still trying to find out if Filter (Aliak) has an upload facility, so I can whack the mp3 on this site too...

Anyways, bye for now...Heya,

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Broken Yellow video clip for The Herd's "I was only 19"

The Herd's video clip for 'I was only 19' track

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Broken Yellow have created a moving video clip for The Herd's version of the Redgum track "I was only 19" written by John Schumann (who's voice can be heard in the video clip also). The emotional song and video clip have been warmly received and war veterans could be seen in the crowd enjoying the re-release of the song at The Herd's recent gig at the Gaelic Club in Sydney.

Visit the Elefant Traks website @ for more details or to find out when The Herd or other Elefant Traks bands are playing in a town near you.

> Resinous Hermits 24 Mar
with Resin Dogs & Hermitude @ Brisbane

> Resinous Hermits 25 Mar
with Resin Dogs & Hermitude @ The Gold Coast

> Combat Wombat at Bar 303 25 Mar
with Combat Wombat @ Bar 303, High St Northcote

> Hermits in Malaysia! 31 Mar
with Hermitude @ Kuala Lumpur

> Mornington Youth Fest 1 Apr
with Combat Wombat @ The Village Green

> The Espy 13 Apr
with Combat Wombat @ The Esplanade Hotel

> The Great Escape 14 Apr
with The Herd, Combat Wombat, TZU, Koolism, Hermitude & Unkle Ho @ Parramatta Missile Depot

> Elefants in Melbourne 21 Apr
with The Herd @ The Corner Hotel, Richmond

> WA Hip Hop Mash 22 Apr
with Hilltop Hoods, Hermitude, Downsyde & TZU @ Supreme Court Gardens, Perth

> Apollo Bay Festival 22 Apr
with The Herd @ Apollo Bay

> Resinous Hermits 24 Apr
with Resin Dogs & Hermitude @ Melbourne

> Resinous Hermits 28 Apr
with Resin Dogs & Hermitude @ Byron Bay

> Groovin the Moo 29 Apr
with The Herd @ Maitland Showground, NSW

> Resinous Hermits 29 Apr
with Resin Dogs & Hermitude @ Plantation Hotel, Coffs Harbour

> Beach Elefant Fridays 5 May
with Combat Wombat @ Beach Rd Hotel, Bondi

> Beach Elefant Fridays 12 May
with 13th Son & Fame & DJ Ology @ Beach Rd Hotel, Bondi

> Beach Elefant Fridays 19 May
with Ozi Batla, Chasm, Sir Robbo & Prince V @ Beach Rd Hotel, Bondi

> Beach Elefant Fridays 26 May
with The Tongue & DJ Diaz & Prince V @ Beach Rd Hotel, Bondi

QBert Scratch Tour, Sydney, 19/12/2002 - chat with Mathmatics

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an audio recording of a chat with DJ Mathmatics @ QBert Scratch Tour, Sydney, 19/12/2002

Mathmatics @ q-bert scratch tour, sydney

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an audio recording of a chat with Mathematics @ QBert Scratch Tour, Sydney, 19/12/2002

eLefant Traks music label

Elefant Traks is an independent record label based in Sydney Australia that covers various genres of musical tastes revolving around hip hop and electronic production. Our goal is to showcase Australian talent to a greater audience. The label has had over 16 releases over the last five or so years and growing bigger each year.

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