Kojacq playing percussion for Rhian Sheehan & Module @ Peats Ridge Fest - Sat 10th Dec & Melt Bar Kings X - Sun 11th Dec

I've scored a cool gig this coming weekend (10th & 11th Dec 2005), playing percussion for Rhian Sheehan & Module @ Peats Ridge Festival in Glenworth Vally NSW

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dysfunctional feed

dysfunctional feed is a collective of experimental video and sound artists, mostly based in Sydney. members recently performed and taught at workshops at the 2005 electrofringe music & arts festival in Newcastle.

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Dis_orientation with Morceaux de Machines (Canada), Miha Ciglar (Slovenia/Austria), Ventricle & Emily Morandini

Disorientation is a monthly night of audio-visual performance and improvisation at the Abercrombie Hotel. This month's guests include Morceaux de Machines (Canada), Miha Ciglar (Slovenia/Austria), Ventricle and Emily Morandini. read more for details

Wednesday October 5
Abercrombie Hotel (Cnr Abercrombie St & Broadway)
Entry $7/$5


Morceaux de Machines (Canada)
Miha Ciglar (Slovenia/Austria)
Emily Morandini

+DJ Corporal Leper

Disorientation is a monthly night of audio-visual performance
and improvisation at the Abercrombie Hotel.

Presented by the UTS Sound Collective and Supported by UTS Union and
Bondi Intermusic

This Month's Artist Details:


The duo of Aimé Dontigny and Érick Dorion, a highly skilled pair of
improvisers, who know how to drive the consenting listener on a sonic
adventure which will leave them with their mouth gaping. But if this
dynamism and this tension seem almost theatrical, it's a sort of theatre
de la cruaut impermeable to the false sentimentality of harmony,
ferociously deconstructive of deifying systems such as Bachuus.

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Earthdance Global Festival for Peace

On September 17 and 18, Melbourne and Sydney unite with 200,000 people dancing for peace around the Australia and the world. In conjuction with the United Nations World Peace Day, Earthdance creates global unity through the creative platforms of music, art and self expression. Earthdance is a global movement which unites socially and environmentally conscious people in more than 50 countries around the world in a celebration of peace and community.

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camera obscura in september - film & video screenings

Monthly screenings with a simple goal of showing interesting and experimental film and video works in an appropriate setting, comfortable seating - 5.1audio - large scale projection. read more or visit for details. Channel101 is a "living, autonomous, untelevised TV network, powered not by promise of reward to the artist, but by the artist's desire to reward the audience." "For the audiences that attend the live screenings, Channel 101 is a chance to sit in the worn-out chair of the fat network exec, drunk on the blood of lowly artists whose right to exist is given in exchange for their ability to nourish. If there are 10 shows in the screening and 7 of them are good, that means 2 good shows aren't coming back and the power of life and death is in your hands. Base your decision on whatever you want. You run the network. You pick the programming. Then come back in a month and see the next episodes of the shows you picked- plus a healthy crop of new pilots. Dump the whole lineup and start fresh, or keep your favorite show running all year. Unlike "real" television, at Channel 101, what you want is what you get more of, and the day you stop wanting something is the day it stops."

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Beatroot - new release from Soup due September

"Beatroot" (the edible root of the beat), Soup's new 14 track album will be released on September 11th on Invada Records. You can catch Soup performing at gigs around Australia on his tour from September - December. read more or visit and for more details.

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Gail Priest is a Sydney based sound artist. Her practice involves sound design for performance, installation and electro-improvisation. She is also a curator, writer and commentator on sound and new media arts. Gail Priest's website is

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Ornithologist's Delight - Sparrow Hill Launch at Frigid Aug 21

This week, Frigid features two quirky local live acts with an ornithological theme and is hosting the launch of Sydney alt-pop outfit Sparrow Hill's debut album. Melbourne post-rock outfit Scissors For Sparrow also plays a live set. read more for details or visit

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changelings launch - 28th July, 2005

changelings introduces the next generation of creative practitioners to the discerning industry professional. Via an interactive showcase - featuring fashion, design, and art - located at Mars Lounge, Wentworth Avenue, the project will provide a platform for the promotion of these budding careers. Through these events, the accompanying web site, and magazine of the same name, the project will provide these multi-talented individuals with a tool for their own creative development. visit for more details

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Music For Film : cults classics curios

Compiled, produced and mixed by Groovescooter in collaboration with the Sonic Arcana label, comes the first ever companion CD for the Sydney Film Festival - now in it's 52nd year. This is unlike any soundtrack compendium you've heard before. A seamless journey through various moods and styles, it's more like the eclectic 'Back To Mine' series, than those heavily orchestrated, emotionally manipulative soundtrack collections of yesteryear. Subtitled 'cults classics curios', the album traverses almost four decades of Australian film music; from the most up-to-date post-rock and electronic producers (Decoder Ring and Severed Heads) to the long overlooked vice-funk of cult-classic 'The Box' alongside masters like the late Brian May ('Mad Max'). As for curios, there are plenty, but how about the soundtrack that was originally commissioned for pioneering gritty Aus-Hellinic film 'Head On' starring Alex Dimitriades and Paul Capsis? The version here wasn't used in the film's final cut after Melbourne shlock-horror filmmaker, composer and author Philip Brophy was replaced by Ollie Olsen (Psy-harmonics / Max Q). read more for further details or visit


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