the NOW now NUMBER nine Festival 2010 - Launch gig!

the NOW now NUMBER nine Festival 2010 - Launch gig!
Monday, 7 December, 2009

The NOW now Festival is happening again next year, January 22-24, up at Wentworth Falls. and to launch the program we are putting on a free gig at Serial Space.

come and check out whats happening at next year's festival. while listening to some music by the following:

CandleSnuffer (Melb)

Splinter Orchestra
Clocks and Clouds (

Serial Space
33 Wellington st, chippendale
starts 8pm
free entry

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Sarah McLeod - Aussie Going International Status

Sarah McLeod has landed. Finally. It has taken this raven haired, bright eyed girl from Adelaide one solo studio album, one live album, an EP, two dance releases and an international tour de force to get here but there is no doubt that she is here with a sparkle in her eye and a tale to tell. This is an artist who – fresh from the clubs of New York City – is the embodiment of what happens when you mix a little dance, a little pop, a strong serving of driving electro beats, a personal journey of gigantic proportions.

She has been involved with that famous Hook 'N' Sling song "She Doesn't Love You"

Check out her fan page on facebook:

What does everyone think of the track?

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Anthony Mannix + The Loop Orchestra

Anthony Mannix + The Loop Orchestra
Thursday, 3 December, 2009

A very special and rare performance. It will be part of the opening of an exhibition by the Australian Art Brut maker Anthony Mannix. The performance will be a collaborative performance with Anthony Mannix doing live readings from new writings called The Being Of Art accompanied by a live tape loop soundscape by longtime collaborators with Anthony, The Loop Orchestra.
For an introduction to the world of Anthony Mannix you can visit

Free 6-8pm

Callan Park Gallery
Sydney College of the Arts
The Visual Arts Faculty of the University of Sydney
Balmain Road Rozelle (enter at Cecily St)

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What is Music 2009


What Is Music? is Australia's longest-running and prestigious experimental music festival.

It began in Sydney in 1994 as a platform to expose unusual contemporary musical forms that were unknown to the general public, and has continued that tradition throughout the years of its expansion, presenting a cutting-edge and spectacular snapshot of modern sound culture.

This year will see further exploration of the world of large-scale new instrument design, as well as the sonic extremes it is known so well for.

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Share this Course / Share this Book

I started a new Maybe Logic Academy class called Share This Course! by/with Mark Pesce. the outcome of the class is to learn more about sharing and to write a collaborative book called Share this Book. so far it's week1 and the discussions have been great. there's a amazing range of talented people who've joined up so it'll be interesting to see what comes of the project - there's academics, IT/computer people, writers, students, artists. we're reading related articles & having discussions. feel free to join in if you like? this class is using a new (for me anyway @ MLA) pay-what-you-like model.


here's the info from the Share this Course site's About page :
Share This Course! is an experiment in creative collaboration. We're working together to understand how the sharing technologies and culture of the early 21st century can be applied to the specific task of creating a book which talks about this new world of shared culture, knowledge and power, a book titled Share This Book.

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Streaming Festival 4th edition

4th edition Streaming Festival starts on the 20th of November 2009.
Online festival explores alternative presentations for upcoming artists

On 20 November the 4th edition will exhibit more than hundred works of audio visual art from international artists on the Streaming Festival website. Ten days non-stop contemporary art, films and visual experiments, available at any time from any location.
The Streaming Festival is based in the Netherlands but has no geographical borders; anyone with an internet connection can plug into a festival stream and start watching without having to pay an entrance fee.

Besides showing audio visual art from all over the world, we’ll also host an exhibition Streaming Stills in BH139.
We have always focused on online broadcasting through streaming servers, but even though that’s exactly how we like it, we realized that sooner or later offline locations would be our next step in exploring the possibilities to present art to the audience.
So, during the Streaming Stills exhibition we’ll place photographs on one side, while stills can be uploaded live by anyone with an internet connection. The stills’ll be streamed directly from the internet and randomly displayed on the other side of the gallery.

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Wired Open Day

WIRED O P E N DAY on 31st October 2009 is your opportunity to GET WIRED in the great outdoors of The WIRED Lab.

WIRED O P E N DAY gives the general public the first opportunity to interact with the ‘wires’ and witness its vast array of creative applications.

Performing at WIRED O P E N DAY will be the original wire maestro Alan LAMB and his core crew of collaborators Dave NOYZE, Garry BRADBURY, Oren AMBARCHI and Robin FOX. Each artist will be presenting unique ruminations of the 'wires' sonic capacities. Dave NOYZE and Alan LAMB will perform live mixes of this dynamic instrument; Garry BRADBURY provides a live mix in the pitch of ‘B’ (also the pitch of Bees in chorus!) for a 'great bow' acoustic performance by Alan LAMB; Oren AMBARCHI treats the wires like a giant guitar and amplifier; and Robin FOX utilises wire sounds to control a laser beam across the surface of water.

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Warren Burt - youtube videos

Warren Burt sent an email to the ACMA list today mentioning "I've now put up six videos of some of my work from the past 18 months. If you have time, check them out. I'd be interested in hearing what people think."

here are the links and descriptions from his email. this is amazing! it's so great that sound artists are sharing their work with others and documenting their work & performances.


Hilbert Trace - an abstract video and sound
piece which traces the Hilbert fractal and uses
old-fashioned 8bit sound in the soundtrack.


Board Instruments
Improvisation with homemade electro-acoustic
percussion board instruments which are processed
by a computer program to make an accompaniment
for me to play with.


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RELEASE: Projekt Inertia - Someone Like You

Perth-based beats duo "Projekt Inertia" announce the release of their new single "Someone like You" through Trans:Com. This EP features 4 very fine leftfield vocal and instrumental dance tracks, and includes bonus remixes for breaks and dub lovers; with mixes by Lo Key Fu, Fridayz, and Victor Xray. The EP is available now on iTunes at - so go and have a listen! -- Trans:Com. Keep an ear out for their upcoming album too

Projekt Inertia's soundcloud page

SCANZ 2011: Eco sapiens - Call for Expressions of Interest (NZ)

Call for Expressions of Interest _

\\\\\\\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ SCANZ 2011: Eco sapiens

Extinction or adaptation? Evolution or Revolution? What are we facing?

The complexity and urgency of the crises of today calls for us to
engage together in new ways. Deep shifts in our consciousness may be
required for long-term cultural changes to occur. This is a call for
expressions of interest from people who are concerned with these issues.

A symposium followed by a residency is to be held late January to
early February 2011 in New Plymouth, Aotearoa New Zealand. Initial
expressions of interest are due 21 November, 2009.

//////////////// / Symposium

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Archiving Australia's Experimental Music - National Film & Sound Archive

notes taken at the Archiving Australia's Experimental Music session by Carla Teixeira from the National Film & Sound Archive on Thursday 01/09/2009 at This is Not Art 2009 festival. (+ links & info found whilst writing these notes up)

- archives are stored in Canberra, but there are NFSA offices in Sydney and Melbourne

- experimental music & sound art is only a very small part of the NFSA's collection, though they would like to increase its proportion and help preserve Australia's history in these fields

- not all of an artist's work is archived; the artist curates their own collection and selects representative works to be archived

- "mapping the landscape"

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TINA2009 : Call Me Your Experiment - mobile phone dance workshop

Call Me Your Experiment was a workshop held in Newcastle's Civic Park on Friday 02/10/2009 as part of the This Is Not Art 2009 festival

Alison Currie explained her project, but I missed the start of the workshop so I might have misunderstood the whole aim. What I gathered was that we had to learn and perform a dance when our mobile phones rang. Her idea was that mobile phones often interrupt us and the ring tone could be used as a song to dance to, and slow us down from being a slave to the mobile and answering too quickly. It was a type of mobile phone flash mob. We were given the song 9-question_it.mp3 via bluetooth - her friend had written it. A few of us played the song on our phones at the same time - or slightly different times, so there were some nice phasing sounds.

The music sped up in the middle of the dance so we had to do the steps quicker towards the end. Alison said she was surprised - happily - that everyone picked up the steps within the short amount of time during the workshop.

I thought it was fun - it was good to do some stretching & exercise in the park in the sun too. but I think my battery would have been flat or the caller had hung up the call by the time I'd finished the dance if I had received a call. :)

here's a quick video of Alison teaching the steps & demonstrating the dance :

video page ::: .mov file ::: .flv file ::: page

Alison Currie is an independent dance artist interested in creating work for alternate spaces, and unsuspecting audiences. Her major project 42a will tour nationally in 2010. Adelaide's Experimental Art Foundation page has some details of Alison Currie's 42a's 2008 performance.

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Window Farms

window farms are vertical, hydroponic, modular, low-energy, high-yield edible window gardens built using low-impact or recycled local materials. The goal of the project is to create a new Research & Development model which puts the awesome power of discovery and creation into the hands of the masses, and then spread the know-how to every participant.

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