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videobloggingweek2009 - day5 : UK on the move

UK - on the move from kath on Vimeo

last time I was in the UK - I always seem to be on the move though.. planes, trains & buses - London to Southampton

footage from 01/01/2008


day 5 - friday

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videobloggingweek2009 - day 3 : cabin crew be seated for landing

cabin crew be seated for landing from kath on Vimeo

cabin crew be seated for landing

auckland -> sydney flight


#videobloggingweek wednesday

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videobloggingweek2009 - day2 : hotel textures

hotel textures from kath on Vimeo

heritage hotel auckland - textures - these are short clips of different textures in the hotel - rooms & floors, furniture & wall dividers

07/04/2009 tuesday


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Custa's acid tech records stolen - pls help if u hear of any for sale

Custa's house was broken into and his record collection of acid tech records & other things including Mac computers with around 17000 photos (memories) were stolen from the Gold Coast. if anyone hears of them for sale pls post/contact him. or would anyone know any 2nd hand places that might be worth checking on the Gold Coast / Brisbane in case they show up?

Some labels are Acid test, bionic orange, Manx rippers, stay up forever, stay up forever remix, wah wah, skankadelic, BAWOP, headcase

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Timaeus and Critias

Plato's "Timaeus and Critias" is mentioned a few times in the "Gnosis Now!" class I've been doing so I thought I'd try read it for some background details. according to Plato's wikipedia page, Plato (Greek: Πλάτων, Plátōn, "broad")[1] (428/427 BC[a] – 348/347 BC), was a Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, writer of philosophical dialogues, and founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the western world. Along with his mentor, Socrates, and his student, Aristotle, Plato helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy.[2] Plato was originally a student of Socrates, and was as much influenced by his thinking as by what he saw as his teacher's unjust death.

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life playlist

my itunes 'life' playlist created from search for 'life'. my itunes has less songs these days as I keep running out of disk space and have to delete albums. 22/03/2009

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chirps & tweets

Vanity Press Plus: The Tweetbook by James Bridle - James Bridle has extracted all his tweets from twitter and published them into a one-off hard copy book. I tried his script but it didn't work for me, though twitter seems to have changed from displaying a page at a time to using the 'more' button at the bottom of the page to display more pages + I don't have the api. since I don't have that many posts - comparatively speaking - I just hit 'more' until I could see all my posts. and then saved them to a file.

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gps coordinate conversion shell script

finally (!) the gps coordinates conversion script is working. I only need it for my earlier gps files as I used to save them as .txt files rather than .gpx files (& .txt) - not sure why. I mustn't have realised there was a .gpx format when I first bought the gps (Garmin e-trex) or that I might need it one day. anyway.. I cheated a little by preparing the files first and removing the degrees & minutes control characters so the script doesn't have to process them. as I didn't know the correct values - maybe I'll sort this out for a later version, but by then I'll have probably converted all the data to .gpx and won't need to use the script anymore.

currently I'm just building < trk > tags, not the waypoints - I don't use the waypoints often, just the tracks - at least in the gps drawings.

this is what the gpx file needs to look like :

this is what the original txt file looks like :

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html 5 video & audio tags test

Jay Deadman has been letting us know about the new html 5 video & audio tags.

he sent a few examples / links to check out (you need firefox 3.1 or another html 5 compatible browser to see these properly :

javascript subtitles that display below the video in the web page as the video is playing

space shuttle launch - uses the data from the video to plot points on a graph alongside the video playing

creating your own video player - I like the draggable player to resize the video example

so I'm testing the new html 5 tag - using firefox3.1 - it might not display in earlier versions (eg 3.0.6)

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maps - where I am and where I've been

Tara Pattenden is working on a mapping project (see below) and has asked for some maps - especially hand drawn ones, so I found a couple of my (tourist/hotel) travel maps from different cities. maybe not exactly what she's after, but here are the scans I sent her (& msg)

Tara's mapping project message - (contact page on her site if anyone else wants to contribute)

I am working on a project based on hand drawn maps - the kind that someone draws you for directions 
or perhaps a travel guide of sorts..
Once realised the project will form an web based atlas - a kind of google maps made from hand drawn 
maps - totally inaccurate and scribbled.
For the project I need hundreds of hand drawn maps.. hundreds!!! well whatever I can get.

So firstly if you have any maps lying around - i would love it if you can either scan and email or post 
them to me.

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the knitted stitch

20090314_closeup_knitting, originally uploaded by AliaK

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enterprise net beans & j2ee tutorials

netbeans tutorial on website :

hello world app in the netbeans ide

web applications tutorial


J2EE tutorials

JAXP = java xml api (processing)
- dom - reads xml & creates a tree of tags
- sax - simple api for xml - read a stream of tags

JAXB = java api for xml binding

JAXR = java api for xml registry
- registry is used to deploy & locate web services
- jaxr is the abstraction that makes the interface to the web services look the same

JAXM = java api for xml messaging
- send and receive xml documents as messages
- includes SOAP (message format)

- to record the state of different steps in the application process

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gnosis now

I'm doing the Gnosis Now! online class at Maybe Logic Academy. once again Erik Davis has designed an interesting class and collection of readings and discussion topics for us - ranging from the Nag Hammadi scrolls - Gospel of Thomas & Gospel of Philip and academic analysis of these works, to modern authors such as Franz Kafka, William Burroughs and Philip K Dick.

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