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Engage Media - Sydney screening

I went along to the Engage Media - Sydney screening in May 2009 and saw four Indonesian community-based films. It was amazing to hear of some of the collectives and community work going on there. Engage Media work tirelessly in documenting projects across Asia Pacific and have a large video library of films. Regular screenings are held to share the films with people in other communities. I asked Andy from Engage Media what the organisation was all about :

video @

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ARToolKit - test 01 : hiro

trying out ARToolKit. the software is installed OK and the initial post-installation tests worked. this is the the first example. it shows a plain blue virtual cube on the hiro marker. :

ARToolKit - test 01 : hiro from kath on Vimeo.

it worked for me, but (when I ran the test last night) I had to tilt the camera (built-in isight) down as there was too much light from overhead. the test today, is done during the day with no light on in the room. it doesn't keep the cube there all the time. I think this could also be due to me using a paper printout - I haven't glued the marker to cardboard yet. and also my printer seems to be running low on black ink so the marker's black sections are a little streaky.

but it's good enough for a first test!

(documenting progress & tests as I go)


movie filenames : (upload version)

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GE AR - augmented reality

GE AR - augmented reality
I tried playing this AR video at home tonight and it worked! this is the first attempt so the video I took is a bit dodgy but it gives an idea. the cat was purring whilst I was recording and kept nudging my head. I tried blowing on the mic but couldn't get the windmill blades to spin. try it out! now I want to try make my own!!
thanks to @LukeSnarl for tweeting the link :

GE AR - augmented reality from kath on Vimeo.

GE page
- print out the marker
- u might need to upgrade your flash player to v10
- turn on your webcam (mac - do this with flash player not photobooth - read the help tips on the url for help)
- launch wind power or solar energy links
(if you just see the green oval spinning then it probably can't see your camera)
- hold the marker printout so it's facing your webcam.. then watch the 3d images appear! is a better video demo (clearer than what I've done - but I wanted to try it myself)

luke sent me a great AR game by Julian Oliver (NZ) : :

levelHead v1.0, 3 cube speed-run (spoiler!) from Julian Oliver on Vimeo.

this is amazing!
he's made a game using cubes - called Levelhead - it's won all sorts of awards (deservedly so!)
he explains it on his website @ (& has code for you to try too)

Julian is part of HIT Lab NZ - The Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand - from their site it looks like they're doing some pretty cool stuff!!


ARToolKit documentation page - with samples, tutorials and background details

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QR codes

QR code twitter posts (bookmarks) :

11:18 AM May 15th from web : Invader's tile graf - using QR codes / binary code street art @ (via nettime-l)

9:41 PM May 15th from web : nice. just found out my phone already has a built in QR barcode scanner & it read one I'd made & saved ok

building a new site

helping with a new site - using drupal 6 to build it. it's for a music label. I haven't had a chance to talk to the guys much yet about what they want, so it's very early stages & I'm testing some of the new drupal 6 modules that I haven't used before + some old favourites

I want to try an online store to sell file downloads and physical cds etc

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twitterMUD and twitterMOO - other worlds within the twitterverse

I've been reading Erik Davis' "Techgnosis" book and thinking about MUDs and MOOs again. I used to play on the MOOs back in the early-mid 90s and read up about them again to see if they were still running a while ago : mud articles + moo articles.

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summertime mangoes

Inder Salim on reader-l posted about The Mango Tree in his community. some people in his block of flats have 'claimed' the fruit from the tree as their own, and he comments about the validity of this.

at the end of the article, Inder asks, "So has anybody tasted a real mango, if there is one, and if yes, who deserves to eat that, and relish?". I've taken his question as literal and replied with the below post. I didn't comment on the issues that are also mentioned in the article - about people in his community living well together and sharing the fruit of the common tree - breaking down the community social control structures, or regarding some of the children who may not have eaten a mango. on the reader-l, a couple of people commented on some of his terms, calling them racist.

hi Inder, my mango eating experience is also from Australia similar to

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trainscapes ceiling

I thought it'd be cool to get a personal projector and project videos onto the ceiling of the train for people to watch during the ride to & from work. have a website where people could suggest videos, or perhaps they tweet them or sms. they could rate them too on the site. I was thinking art or landscapes - trainscapes. but I suppose eventually it'd be overtaken by advertisers or spammers. would be nice for a while though! just look at all this ceiling space doing nothing - apart from the bright lighting in the train, this would be ok for an adhoc screen. 29/04/2009

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openframeworks & openCV - computer vision libraries

yesterday, @DustForEyes posted an "AR scratching" video by vanderlin to stealth board & twitter. it's tagged with tags such as AR, augmented reality, opencv, and openframeworks, so I googled some of these. the AR markers seem like the fiducial markers found in reactable - note there's going to be a performance / demo of one of these called dubtable at ripped next week which would be cool to check out.

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audio test

audio test

itunes rss feed test - for podcasts/video blogs

- this test is for an audio file - ~10sec of an mp3 file
- attached it to this blog post

itunes sees the post and can play the audio file ok (pc) :
- there's no image file or song details etc but I didn't add any to the mp3 file in itunes

added some details to the song in itunes and reuploaded the file (filesize increases to 227kb)

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the promise of a new future....

I've been reading my old copy of Localizer 1.0 this weekend - a book compiling art, music, labels, personalities from the early-mid 90s technohouse culture in Europe - mostly Germany, but also including Holland, Norway and other places. I still love much of the music from back then. and also the art works at the parties - below are some examples from Localizer book - I still love these styles. I think maybe I need to go to some more outdoor parties to see them again. to me, it was partly a promise of a new future with technology, music and art, which started in the late 80s (for me).

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ideas of history/origins of Apollo Space program samples in electronic dance music?

any ideas of history/origins of Apollo Space program samples in electronic dance music? (Q via maillist, pls help)

I'm on a maillist which discusses EDM (electronic dance music) and one of the members/list managers, Graham St John (an Australian scholar who has compiled a few books on EDM) has asked about origins of samples from the Apollo Space mission in music. he's asking specifically about dance related music but the discussion has brought up Sun Ra's name. so I was wondering if anyone here knows of examples/history along hip hop / funk /soul / electro (80s, not 2000s) & electronic dance music lines which might help plot the history deeper? (the discussion then went onto alien imagery at some psytrance events but that's another topic)

here's the initial request from Graham St John :
I'm attempting to trace the appeal of Apollo Space Program dialogue

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neofiles Singularitarianism episode # 018

listening to the neofiles Singularitarianism episode # 018 where RU Sirius talks with Eliezer Yudkowsky, director of the Singularity Institute, about the singularity. Yudkowsky's description of the singularity is "the technological creation of smarter than human intelligence, and the resulting jump or discontinuity in human history" ...

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videobloggingweek2009 - day7 : New Plymouth Wind Wand

New Plymouth Wind Wand from kath on Vimeo

this is the New Plymouth foreshore - sunset and Len Lye's "Wind Wand" sculpture.

footage taken 06/02/2009 during a visit to New Plymouth, New Zealand for the weekend


day 7 - sunday

blog entry @

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videobloggingweek2009 - day6 : easter roast

easter roast from kath on Vimeo

my sister is visiting for Easter weekend and cooked a roast lamb. so there's food in the house! very tasty

trying final cut express too - the quality seems better but the file sizes are quite large. will test some more

day 6 - saturday

blog post @

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