news slices in the snow (85sec version)

news slices in the snow (85sec version)

news slices in the snow (85sec version) : I made this last feb, 06/02/2008 after I'd heard about the terrorist attack in Israel. I'd read many of the online stories about it, so in this video some screenshots of the news stories / websites are cut-up and sliced and rotated in 3D (to represent the multiple levels and perspectives wrt the region & it's problems) on the screen whilst in the background, snow is falling to cool things down whilst steam is rising. the soundtrack has the sample 'over & over' as I was wondering when it (conflict in this region) would ever end. part way through the news slices started looking like a folded paper bird - let's hope it's a bird that brings peace to da middle east!! (as my friend Angus used to say)

it seems it might be apt for this year too. I've been following the recent stories regarding Israel & Gaza listed @

this isn't the original version - it's a new version of the first 1min 25sec so it'll play here on flickr (since they have a 90sec video limit)

06/02/2008 original version @

made in isadora

I haven't felt like making a new video yet. maybe I need to stop reading the news / info sites

driving light letters

on the drive home from brisbane to sydney during my summer holidays I was playing with the delay settings on my camera. the lights from the cars looked like letters - maybe hebrew or aramaic - as they danced on the highway at dusk as we drove home


driving light letters from kath on Vimeo

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expanded cinema blog

Expanded Cinema is an online platform for experimental film, early video, and sound-based, durational work. All of the material is being curated from available media online, emphasizing an overlooked facet of the archival function of new media. The site has collated videos of Derek Bailey, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Mark Leckey's "Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999)" - a video exploration of subcultures, iconography and dancing with footage from 70s-90s in UK. plus many more. visit for more details

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found 3gp 15 second videos

I found some old 3gp videos on my work phone - a nokia 6230. the recording quality is very low - best viewed at original size or the compression makes them even more unviewable. these were taken between 2004 - 2008 and have clips from delhi, india + caesarea, tel aviv, israel + geelong, melbourne + parramatta, sydney + rotorua & auckland, new zealand + devon, england

a mini video wall of 15 second samples from the past few years - play a few at once - if you press (more) once the first play has finished then it displays other videos I've uploaded to blip, not just the 3gp ones, though they'll be using the 3gp video dimensions)

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VloMo08 : day30 - Gandhi's Bombay residence

last post for VoMo08 is some of Gandhi's words from my visit to his Bombay residence on 15/11. music is "Claire's Theme" by Graeme Revell from the soundtrack to one of my favourite films "Until the End of the World"

it's been quite a month - sometimes hard to work out what to post each day, some posts were posted late. but all are little memories of this month so I can remember them later

VloMo08 : day30 - Gandhi's residence

VloMo08 : day30 - Gandhi's Bombay residence from kath on Vimeo.

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VloMo08 : day29 - after the hail storm

I arrived back in Sydney early this morning (29/11) and slept most of the day then spoke to family on the phone. it'd been drizzling when I was coming from the airport, but then in the afternoon there was a hail storm. afterwards the air was so fresh and the skies started to clear. it was beautiful - like the Queensland afternoon thunderstorms we used to have in summer all the time when I lived there. it was a nice way to clear my head a bit too after the craziness of the past couple of days and long flights home.

let's hope the skies can clear for the Mumbaikars too and they & the city can start afresh.

VloMo08 : day29
Sydney, Australia

VloMo08 : day29 - after the hail storm from kath on Vimeo.

VloMo08 : day28 - Mumbai - Delhi flight

not very exciting video - it's of the plane + waiting for the car at Delhi domestic airport - but I've never been so relieved to catch a flight before. even though I was safe in mumbai, it was unsettling to be there so I was happy to be going home. I was worried that my flight might be delayed or cancelled but everything went smoothly. the army was at the airport and they did all the security checks. it was probably the most efficient trip out of India I've ever had!

Delhi airport and Mumbai airport is much nicer now that it's been renovated. delhi airport was a bit dingy in 2006.

VloMo08 : day 28

blog entry :

VloMo08 : day28 - Mumbai - Delhi flight from kath on Vimeo.

VloMo08 : day27 - filming or helping?

this is one of the main footage scenes that was being showed on tv early morning of Thursday 27th November during the Mumbai attacks. one thing struck me - when the man with the bleeding hand is near the cameraman, the man next to him - perhaps a journalist? - moves his arm so the camera can get a clearer shot. then the cameraman turns and walks to film other people at the scene. it was replayed over and over. I was wondering then - if in a crisis, what would I do? would I film or would I try help the man and stop the bleeding. i hope someone helped this man.

the newsreaders were in shock too. they were talking about the Icon of Mumbai - the Landmark of Mumbai, being targeted. for a while they talked about the artworks inside. they hardly mentioned the people until later.

such shocking pictures were coming in all night. later in the morning the news broadcasters were asked by the police not to show live 'operations' on air in case it would aid the terrorists. I wondered why it took them this long to do this!! I think the journalists & news broadcasters need to be a little more responsible in what they show live.

another scene being repeatedly shown was the one of the ATS (anti-terrorist squad) chief standing outside putting on the bullet proof vest, with hardly any guards near him. then saying he was killed a few minutes later as he led a charge into one of the hotels.

live footage was shown of the police and special agents outside Nariman House. part way through this broadcast the channel was told to stop showing the images. it was very clear to see where the police were standing which I think was putting them in greater risk.

when I was at mumbai airport on thursday afternoon, the tvs in the terminal were all showing the news channels - in English and Hindi. all the broadcasts were showing 'live' pictures, despite being told earlier in the day not to show footage of the operations. I thought this was a bit irresponsible of them!

VloMo08 : day 27
Mumbai, India

VloMo08 : day27 - filming or helping? from kath on Vimeo.

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mumbai : people advised to stay indoors

"people advised to stay indoors"

woke up to a txt msg 3am this morning asking if I was ok - been watching the news since. they're evacuating some people out the windows of the hotel now. one hotel is on fire - mumbai's landmark. it seems to have started about 9:30pm last night. shots still heard fired at one hotel about 10mins ago - hostages still held there - they rounded up the 'westerners'. hostages at cama hospital (women's & children's hospital) still too.

it's now 5:30am - this has been going on for about 7.5 hours! tv reports are repeating the info. but there's regular updates. a car even drove by and shot at the media. there's footage of one man's hand bleeding and the cameraman grabs his arm to move it so he can get a better shot of the blood - then he moves off to another view. hopefully someone actually helped the injured man instead of just filming him!!

update 6am : now they're reporting 87 people killed & over 200 people injured :(
I've just heard fire engines driving past my hotel so hopefully there's not more attacks nearby. so far the news channel (CNN / IBN is reporting 3 hotels + 1 hospital have been attacked. they've showed footage of the chief police (?) officer (ATS chief) arriving, putting on his helmet & bullet proof vest, then reporting he was shot in the chest/head (conflicting reports) and killed not long afterwards. apparently he's been under scrutiny since other recent attacks.

this is what the Taj Mahal Palace looked like a couple of weeks ago 15/11 when I was in the city :

I hope this little girl is ok - she's probably a regular at Gateway of India across the road from the Taj Mahal Palace. she'd given me flowers & didn't want money. unusual for tourist sites. my driver had shown me around the different places, including Leopold Cafe in Colaba.

more photos (of tv broadcasts) @


some of my photos were used in a now public news article.

other blog entry for this day : filming or helping?

links via twitter tweets :

Arun Shanbag's blog lives near the Taj hotel and has photos and blog posts of the event

Mumbai Help blog lists details of where to find help if you're in Mumbai

Vinu's flickr page has photos from the event also

Gaurav Mishra's Weblog has an article on Real Time Citizen Journalism in Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

a tweet even came through about a list of victims' names

twitter's #mumbai reported initially live reports, but then changed to delayed confirmed reports after police told media not to show live pictures / details in case the terrorists were watching / monitoring them

Boston's Big Picture website has images from the different sites

global voices mumbai coverage

wikipedia entry for mumbai attacks

bloggers :

children of bombay by Sonia Faleiro

a night out in mumbai by Amit Varma on india uncut

this city with arms wide open by Amit Varma on india uncut - some of the Sarai people blogging on various issues including the Mumbai attacks

Mumbai:: What happened and why?


Shoddy reporting from Mumbai: Take Barkha Dutt off the air please ...

Righteous anger yes, but no bloodbath please... (a youth perspective)


Hotel Taj : icon of whose India ? Gnani Sankaran- Tamil writer, Chennai

As the Fires Die: The Terror of the Aftermath

questions about the terror attacks in Bombay

Mumbai Under Siege

Top ATS cops were trapped in one jeep

Mumbai terror, the revolt of the elites and Life itself



update : 21/11/2009 broken ladder - another blog post of mine from 11/12/2008 when I was reading up about one of the guys who'd been involved in the attacks and was put in jail

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VloMo08 : day26 - drumming at party next door

when the rickshaw dropped me off after work, I walked past a marquee next to the hotel. there were people setting up the chairs etc. later that evening I could hear drumming from outside and I could see the drummers and a lady dancing to the beat. I went outside but couldn't hear it as clearly and couldn't see them. so I went to level 7 and then back to level 2 where my room was and zoomed in. the audio isn't great as I can hear the hotel muzac mixed in. but the lady seemed to be enjoying herself. the people here show so much joy at parties, despite the places they live in and the things that go on around them. it's an amazing thing to see.

my head's a little blurry now after all that happened following this in the city, but I think this was around the time the attacks started in South Mumbai - perhaps an hour or so prior. the party only lasted about an hour. maybe it was a wedding reception.

VloMo08 : day 26
Mumbai, India

I haven't had reliable net access so uploading late now that I'm home.

VloMo08 : day 26 - drumming at party next door from kath on Vimeo.

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VloMo08 : day25 - rickshaw ride home

another rickshaw ride home. there was a car accident when we stopped prior to turning into my hotel's street. I couldn't see the damage but I can hear the crunch as the car hits another car. i was trying to hold the camera still but the footage is very jumpy - I tried to capture some of the road - this is why the footage is jumpy - the roads in mumbai are not very good! which makes the traffic worse as everyone tries to dodge the potholes. it's worse in monsoon season as the holes get bigger with the rain.

VloMo08 : day25 - rickshaw ride home

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VloMo08 : day25 - rickshaw ride home from kath on Vimeo.

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VloMo08 : day24 - sleeping dogs in Mumbai

there's so many dogs in India - they spend half the day sleeping as it's so hot to do anything else. they're often seen sleeping under cars in the shade. so mangy looking but cute too.

VloMo08 : day24 - sleeping dogs in Mumbai

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VloMo08 : day24 - sleeping dogs in Mumbai from kath on Vimeo.

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VloMo08 : day23 - coffee in india

it's hard to find a good coffee in india - this is one from mumbai. there's a couple of coffee shop chains : Cafe Coffee Day & Barista. they're not too bad. but I've been spoiled by the Australian coffee shops

VloMo08 : day23 - coffee in india

blog entry :

(uploading late)

VloMo08 : day23 - coffee in india from kath on Vimeo.

VloMo08 : day22 - drupal cms as a blog

VloMo08 : day22 - drupal cms as a blog

I recorded this in reply to Rupert's rant about the inadequacies of blog format for posting videos online. every time I tried to upload it though my net connection in the hotel dropped out. so uploading now that I'm home

I think drupal / CMS is good for posting videos and highlighting promoted videos / content. it's great for collaborative projects too and the taxonomy / categories is one of it's best features

VloMo08 day 22

blog post :

VloMo08 : day22 - drupal cms as a blog from kath on Vimeo.

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