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JUSTICE YELDHAM : BIRTHDAYS LP Launch : 25th May : Toff In Town (Melbourne)

Fresh from North American tour and LOAD records showcase at SXSW Lucas Abela is launching his new JUSTICE YELDHAM LP; BIRTHDAYS. The record consists of two live sets by the maverick amplified-glass player recorded during his & Keg's recent tour of Europe.

Side A was captured in Marseille on the eve of Justice's 35th birthday while side B was recorded on Kegs birthday in Porto, and to top off the birthday cheer Keg also drew the cover illustration as a gift for Justice's Birthday. The record has been collaboratively released in an edition of 600 copies across the world by Anarchymoon Recordings (North America), Turgid Animal (Europe) & All Thumbs Press (Australia). Of which only 25 or so are in the country as All Thumbs copies practically sold out during the aforementioned tour and will only be available at the show.

His sets have been described as "a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe". By pressing his face and lips against the glass whist employing various vocal techniques ranging from throat singing to raspberries, he turns disguarded household windows into crude musical instruments. Resulting in a wide variety of cacophonous noises that are strangely controlled and oddly musical.

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Robin Petterd phone chat - sonic objects, art practice, water and built instruments 23/10/2002

Uganda & Sira events for feb 2008

so I don't forget ... here's the events coming up at Uganda & Sira. I went to Music House today and bought some more Israeli / Jerusalem based music. the guy in the store told me about Uganda and Sira, a couple of places in Jerusalem where you can see / hear live electronic & experimental music.

Uganda myspace page



Sira events :

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JOHN FOXX & LOUIS GORDON Australia Tour 2008

JOHN FOXX & LOUIS GORDON Australia Tour 2008

As founder and former front man of Ultravox! until 1979, and subsequently via his solo projects, John Foxx's work has helped pave the way for a generation of electronic musicians. His debut album, 1980's Metamatic, is today regarded of one of the most pioneering albums in electronic music and created a new wave blueprint for the likes of The Human League, Gary Numan, Duran Duran and, in more recent years, The Faint to follow. Metamatic hit a cultural vein again 20 years later when Ladytron, Adult, Tiga and co were drawn to its minimalist, analogue approach.

The Necks FREE workshop and solo performances

The necks workshop / solo performances

The Necks FREE workshop and solo performances.

This Thursday the 28th of February Chris Abraham, Tony Buck, and Lloyd Swanton from Australian group, The Necks will host a workshop presented by vitamin s in association with alt music and the audio foundation.

The workshop will begin at 7 p.m. at the silo theatre, - (lower Greys Ave - Auckland city(and yes, the Bar will be open)) - and following the workshop Chris, Tony, and Lloyd will perform a number of solos.

This is a great opportunity to get an insight into the process of improvisation and performance both as a collective and as individuals.

The format for the vitamin s workshops offers all those who attend the chance not only benefit from the host's presentation, but also have the chance to play, interact, discuss and get feedback drawing from their knowledge and experience. These workshops are very much a dialogue between all those who attend.

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FracturedSpaces - looking for demos / artists for cd release

FracturedSpaces would like it to be known that it is looking to release its first CD within the next four months, To that end I am looking for quality established bands/artists with a recording already finished, and who have no label as yet, to submit demos/samples with a view to possible release. I am
looking for works within the following genres only please, at least initially:

Drone doom metal
Dark ambient
Industrial/Death Industrial

For fuller details please email:
simonjay704 AT

I look forward to hearing from potential collaborators!


Simon Marshall-Jones|FracturedSpacesRecords


STRING THEORY guitar compilation available now. AUD $16.00

All other releases AUD $11.00 Postage Paid. Pay Pal available.

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The Brisbane Sound - Curated by David Pestorius

The Brisbane Sound - Curated by David Pestorius

The Brisbane Sound will map cross-pollination between the indie and experimental music scenes and the art scene in Brisbane during the post-punk years, 1978–1983.

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"Everything's Broken" new release from Undecisive God

"Everything's Broken" is the new CD from Undecisive God. It contains new works from the last 3 years, featuring further exploration of turntable/broken record preparations, extended guitar techniques, field recordings and mixer feedback pieces.

To hear a sample track, go to

Since 1990, Undecisive God has been pushing the limits of the guitar as an instrument. "Everything's Broken" is the latest step in this strange journey.

Available from for AU$10ppd (US$8ppd), or for a trade of your own music.

Shame File Music - specialising in Australian experimental

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THE KADIMA MUSICIANS COLLECTIVE is in the vanguard of creative improvised music in Israel. Focusing on fringe artists and their work, KADIMA supports and develops the rich cultural mix of Israeli artistic life.
KADIMA includes a recording label and recording facilities in Jerusalem. It promotes and co-produces studio releases and concerts, and helps develop and connect musicians in the field of free improvisation and creative music.
KADIMA was founded and is led by Jean Claude Jones, bassist and educator, and one of the pioneers of Israeli jazz.

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blue (play) list 20080120

I love music by bluetech and have been listening to it a lot whilst in Israel having bought a few of his cds from the music stores here and ripped them to my laptop. his music is available on aleph - zero label and he's remixed other great artists such as Shulman & Pitch Black.

his website says "my name is evan. i make sounds. rivers of music ancient & delicate flow through me.". he has 3 myspace pages for the different artist names he uses : bluetech, evan bartholomew, evan marc

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[sydney] Mars Hill Cafe hosts local music competition

Mars Hill Cafe in Parramatta will be organising and hosting a local music competition that will allow up and coming and established local music acts to perform several acts each in the popular Church Street cafe. They will compete for the chance to record a 3-track EP recording session with 2 tracks from the competition and a third recorded studio style in the performance space. Supported by a grant recently awarded to Mars Hill Cafe by the Parramatta City Council, the 10 best acts from the competition will be recorded and released on a compilation album later in the year.

Local Musicians (from any suburbs covered by Parramatta Council) are encouraged to apply. Styles included will be: Singer/Songwriters, Folk, Acoustic Rock, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Acoustic and Country. Applications for the competition will be taken throughout August and single-song auditions will be held on the 25th of August. Each artist chosen for the competition will perform 3 songs each for the final competition on the 23rd of September. Mars Hill Cafe is a popular Parramatta music and arts venue, located at 331 Church Street. Further information about the competition and details on how to apply can be found on the website

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Hi New "Ouija" Member available for gigsI manage "Ouija" who have the feel of Crowded House. Indie from the heart.

Check them out with Nias-LA2 at

Banned page is:

Free download of the song "Tomorrow" at:

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Indigenous Hip Hop - documentation project / radio

Frank T.G aka Honesty is working on a project to document Indigenous Hip Hop in Australia and to feature them on a Koori radio program based in Marrickville. below is an email sent via the octapod list if anyone can assist. click on the read more link for more details or email

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IF? Records return to Melbourne (albeit briefly!) in 2007


Since its inception in Australia in 1995, IF? Records has worked with a plethora of talented people, most of them born and bred in its exceptional hometown: Melbourne.

Think people as far afield as Steve Law (a.k.a. Zen Paradox), Voiteck, Honeysmack, Digital Primate, Little Nobody, Frontside, Artificial, Isnod, Son Of Zev, TR-Storm, FSOM, Guyver 3, Soulenoid, Blimp, Black Lung, TDM, Josh Abrahams, DJ Venom, and Q-Kontrol.

IF? has also inducted like-minded experimental electronic boffins from Sydney like Sub Bass Snarl, 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T, Kid Calmdown, Pocket, and Nick Littlemore (Pnau).

And internationally over the past decade the label has worked with Si Begg (Buckfunk 3000/Noodles Discotheque), Tobias Schmidt (Tresor/Sativae), Jammin’ Unit (Pharma/Air Liquide), Biochip C (Force Inc.), Tal (Sub Rosa), DJ Rush (Kne’Deep), Thomas Heckmann (Trope), and Yamaoka (Kazumi/Holzplatten).

Then there were the parties – the now-legendary Omniglobe raves at Global Village in Footscray in 1995/96, and the Zeitsprung (1995/96) and Zoetrope (1997-2001) live electronica sessions at the Punters Club in Fitzroy - along with the collaborative jaunts organized by IF? with Club Filter, Teriyaki Anarki Saki, Honkytonks and Centriphugal.

Founded eleven years ago by Andrez Bergen (a.k.a. Little Nobody) with his mates Brian Huber and Mateusz Sikora, IF? always was about diversity, experimentation, pushing the perimeters, and flying the flag of Melbourne-made electronica – and the label also released a fistful of essential CDs and records to prove that point, from the cutting edge “Zeitgeist” series of compilations to debut releases by Little Nobody, Guyver 3, Artificial, the LN Elektronische Ensemble, Isnod and DJ Venom.

Since 2001 head-honcho Andrez has lived in Tokyo, but he continues to run IF? Records as a collaborative Melbourne/Tokyo project, with help from Melbourne-based mates like Damian Stephens (Isnod), Allan Klinbail (Son Of Zev), and Briony Wright (DJ Venom).

Finally, after their original web-server went bankrupt and took all the original IF? web-site details with it, the label has recently constructed two temporary home-bases online at, as well as at

It has a bunch of artist profiles, a discography, reviews, pictures, information about the label’s avtivities in Japan as well as Australia, plus a demo competition for aspiring electronic producers!

On Saturday 10 February, 2007, IF? makes it’s annual (or, in some cases, bi-annual!) pilgrimage back to its place-of-birth, when the first IF? live party in 2 years is set to happen at Horse Bazaar!

ZU-ZUSHII 2 will feature a bunch of local and Tokyo-based live acts and DJs including Little Nobody (Tokyo), Isnod (Melbourne), Kid Calmdown (Sydney), Schlock Tactile vs. Slam-dunk Ninja (Tokyo), DJ Venom (Melbourne), Sleepy Robot (Sydney), label-meister Andrez, plus others to be confirmed – all for just $5 on the door, from 8pm to 3am, at 397 Lonsdale St., Melbourne.

The week before, from 2 February to 9 February, Andrez will also be holding a photographic exhibition of his visual works from Tokyo at an exhibit titled KEITAI KOUTURE, at Brunswick Street Gallery (2/322 Brunswick St., Fitzroy, Melbourne).

Check out more at his website:


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